Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

So… Xmas is right around the corner, and I’ve got some cool Etsy stores that could give you inspiration for your next Christmas gift! From gift cards, to a crochet master and ending with some green colour, I found some unique Etsy sellers for you… Ready to start?

Get Your Loved Ones A Designed Xmas Card/Wall Art

Coming in a default A3 size, you can find amazing instant downloaded wall art to decorate your house in the holiday season! If you are more into greeting cards you can also use these decorate prints, adjust the size, and have an amazing unique card made by WinkDesignSK Etsy store. The great thing about Etsy sellers such as WinkDesignSK, is that you don’t have to wait for the shipment when ordering. The Christmas print you will choose will be available for you to download once you complete your purchase. Here’s one example on the cool designs offered by this seller (Click on the image to go to the store’s online link):

Think About the Little People

It’s a known fact that Xmas is really about the joyous look in the eyes of your loved ones, and especially the younger of the bunch. If you are looking for cool handmade crochet hats and bags- you got the amazing WarmLuv to make sure you get just that! With handmade crochet items, you can be sure your next gift would be one of a kind. Just take a look at these cute baby boot available with this Etsy seller:

Add More Green To Your Home

If you liked this post’s head image- you need to know this seller on Etsy. ArtisanMoss is one of the coolest Etsy store i came across during my blogging years. Handmade plants that are converted into pictures? At any size? That’s real, and they look amazing! The plants are preserved before being placed in the various frames this seller has to offer, so zero care and maintenance are needed in order to keep them green and alive. Just imagine having great looking, natural plants, that never need mending and does not attract insects. Take a look at some more of ArtisanMoss’s work and judge for yourselves:

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