Goth, Christian, Hindu & Other Magick Supplies

Practicing magician, Andrew T. Austin, is also a psychotherapist that lectures about mental health.
Mental health is a serious issue, and a lot of the people who suffer from any type of mental illness find ways, methods and techniques to help them cope with their situation- and hopefully get better.

As some people go to doctors, take pills and go to group meetings to learn how to live with their mental illness, other people turn to other things, the ones we “can’t explain”.
Alternative ways of coping and healing could be- yoga, martial arts, shiatsu, or even praying, meditation and keeping charms around you.


As the two subjects align so beautifully, the hard part of life with greater beliefs, it would only make sense that a person so deep into the study of mental illness- would find themselves interested in the greater things in life.

So, on top of being a psychotherapist, Andrew also has an Etsy store, AustinMagickSupplies, for all types of magick supply.
Art pieces and accessories from the Hindu culture & Egypt and “sitting” side by side with astrology maps, Christian coins, and other spiritual and “magicianal” artefacts.

egyptian-statue-girl-6553910 kali-indian-gods-hindu-gods-kali-the-destroyer-2-7823349 egyptian-statue-bust-girl-9747796

If you like to see more fromAndrew’s store- click here, you might find that money tree your aunt wanted, or that rare coin that your grandfather would love… You might also find that piece of art that will be your charm.

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golden-dawn-pentacle-of-earth-earth-pentacle-elemental-disk-1644364 money-tree-feng-shui-tree-lucky-tree-fortune-tree-crystal-tree-bonsai-money-tree-green-bonsai-tree-6260392 pentacle-of-element-earth-and-planet-mars-mars-sigil-earth-sigil-thelemic-pentacle-pantacle-thelema-unicursal-hexagram-7223544 saint-anthony-pendant-7-saint-of-lost-things-8964400 money-tree-feng-shui-tree-lucky-tree-fortune-tree-crystal-tree-large-amethyst-tree-7848424 small-eye-of-ra-amoun-ra-not-eye-of-horus-7951930

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