Looking For Some KOOL T’s?

Yup, you saw right, I wrote KOOL, with a K, and not- cool.
Well, I am native in English, and this is not a typo, it’s simply the brand name of a super cool Etsy store I’ve found yesterday in my daily Etsy “window” shopping.

Joined Etsy earlier this year, KoolstuffdesignsCo is an Etsy store dedicated to super Kool Tshirts for both men and women. Unique prints, designs, phrases and statements, available for worldwide shipping!
Owned by Kinney and Lan from Miami, Florida, this store presents fun and light designs such as: Mother Hustler workout tank top, I like Big Squats And I Cannot Lie, Fitbitch, Don’t disturb my inner Bitch, and more.

As you can see- you don’t need a crazy photo or image to make a statement, you can simply get something super funky from KoolstuffdesignsCo and go workout like the true warrior that you are!
One of my favorite designs from their store is this super awesome Goal Digger Tshirt, banking on our minds to complete the words to Gold Digger- but showing that women are after much more than just a man with money- we have goals, dreams, targets we place in front of ourselves! And we can do it!

As of this day, KoolstuffdesignsCo Etsy store has 45 designs, including one that is totally my BFF, the one we all have….. That one friend that constantly yells at you- simply cause… She was hungry!

Some of their other designs are also worth mentioning (although you can simply click HERE and see al they have to offer) :

So go ahead and see what more this lovely couple has to offer you and your man!

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