Unique Crafts, 3D Prints, and Buttons

Unique Crafts, 3D Prints, and Buttons

You are at:Home»Go Shopping»Unique Crafts, 3D Prints, and Buttons. If you’re looking for unique items online- you all know by now that Etsy is the best marketplace for that. You’ll be able to find almost anything on Etsy for the simplest reason- it’s all about real people and their creative minds, offering you a glimpse into their minds in their Etsy store listings. Such a place for creativity online is Comter Etsy store, owned by Matt from Texas. This seller surly has an unusual mindset, creating super cool buttons, stickers and items he has designed and printed with a 3D printer.

Here are some of the items you could find in his Etsy store

With all of the above in mind… My favorite item from Matt’s store, and the item that I believe makes his store so unique is this Furry Unicorn Hood that will simply make you the life of the party!

You could also shine-on and show your love for movies with this SCARY Barbara 3d printed bust from the movie BeetleJuice:

Go to Matt’s store to check out prices and more cool stuff!

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Ever since I remember myself i was an artist, my hands were always looking for a pencil or brush and my eyes were constantly learning the environment. I would write here about everything art related, and I hope you like it.

Unique Crafts, 3D Prints, and Buttons
Unique Crafts, 3D Prints, and Buttons

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