Kimrody Brings The Beauty Of The Ocean To Your Table

Kimrody Brings The Beauty Of The Ocean To Your Table

I have been writing about Etsy stores for a while now, sharing with you amazing sellers that hand-make jewellery, canvas art, home decor items and even knitwear… But the store I found today shocked even me. Know meet Kimrody brings the beauty of the ocean To your table.

If I was having a dream dinner… I would buy the plates from Kimrody!

Kimrody is an Etsy store that provides you with amazing handmade items to use for serving food. But not just ordinary plates and serving wear… Kim Rody, the owner of the store, specialises in bringing the beauty of the ocean and creating it on top of porcelain plates and other kitchen items.

Half of the year this seller operates from Asheville, NC, and the other half- from the BAHAMAS! Just take a look at some of Kim’s amazing creations:

It’s true that luxurious serving plates are not in everyone’s reach or budget, but if you do decide you have the budget for them you could enjoy amazing and unique serving dishes that would be the talk of any house party or friendly dinner. If you have a family member who enjoys cooking and loves the ocean- a plate or a serving dish from Kim Rody’s store would be the perfect gift!

Not just plates and cups!

Throughout the winter Kim lives in the Bahamas, and drive inspiration from the beach and sea life for more amazing art projects- like these amazing painting:

You can enjoy a print of Rody’s paintings that would decorate your house with amazing colours and bring the ocean life indoor to be with your family and surrounding. What I like most with this artist is the level of accuracy that you can see just by looking at the pictures. The printed art work even comes with the black hook and a complimentary black easel- allowing you to choose between hanging the canvas on the wall- or displaying it on a desk or table.

Kimrody Brings The Beauty Of The Ocean To Your Table
Kimrody Brings The Beauty Of The Ocean To Your Table

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