Crystal and Wood Jewelry that Will Help You Heal

Let’s talk more about a topic I’ve been talking about a lot in The Women Team for the past couple of months- healing jewelry. Jewelry items that are made with love, caring and good energy and combine healing stones that are destined to “sit” on your chakras and help you heal. Their power comes from 3 things-
From the stones themselves and the person who made them- along with your belief that this item is what makes you stronger. They are meant to serve as a charm, as a reminder that you are taking into control your destiny and well being. And they’re also meant to be beautiful- at least that’s the case with the jewelry items you can find on MysticalMakingsMI Etsy store.

Owned by Emily and Dave, MysticalMakingsMI Etsy store is a place where you’ll find Crystal & Wood Jewelry that poses a deep Astrology connection and/or Chakra Healing. Here are some of the items you’ll be able to find in their store:

All handmade with a lot of love and positive energy- these jewelry pieces can be shipped worldwide, as the sellers ship them from their home in Texas, USA. Taking their store to the next level, Emily and Dave also dedicated another group member- solely for costumer support- amazing, right?

Visit their Etsy store to see more items and designs, or follow them on Facebook/Instagram to always stay in touch with new designs and promotions!

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