850+ One Of A Kind Jewelry Items

If you’re looking for something that says “you”, something that only you have – you need a One Of A Kind jewelry item. It could be a bracelet, a necklace, or perhaps something like an infinity ring that you could get yourself or someone close to you. It could be made out of silver or have gemstones on it- it doesn’t matter as long as you’re the only person who has it. I found a store like that on Etsy, called HandyNat. The store is owned by Nataly, a skilled jewelry crafter and collector, and what she has in her online boutique will blow you away!


Currently holding 899 unique jewelry items

Almost 900 options for your next jewelry piece, and with such a variety that everyone will be able to find what they’re looking for!
The store has almost 70 sales, and it’s own independent eCommerce store– outside of Etsy.
Nataly is limited by Etsy to present 5 images for each item- however- she created these amazing collages for her rings and other jewelry items in order to show us each piece from every possible angle:

iridescent-beauty-ammolite-triplet-white-zircon-london-blue-topaz-ring-two-tone-silver-palladium-ring-7251267 solid-sterling-silver-10mm-amber-handmade-etched-cuff-bracelet-pick-your-size-1828242 big-blue-4-you-huge-solid-milky-aquamarine-swiss-blue-topaz-hinged-bangle-bracelet-1487047 dripping-in-breathtaking-coral-11-x-9mm-oval-bamboo-coral-tennis-bracelet-two-tone-sterling-palladium-bracelet-1129070 feel-the-intricate-presence-sterling-silver-basketweave-cuff-bracelet-video-available-7219274

She also has in her store, what I like to call- Amazon jewelry. Now, I don’t mean the website Amazon, I mean the tribes of warrior women we all grew to adore, like Xena, and other warrior figures that gave us strength!

These amazons always had one thing in common- they had these amazing cuff bracelets, heavy, and with enormous presence… Something that was easily found in Nataly’s store:

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