Handcrafted Jewellery On Etsy

Hey ladies, I am on a jewellery frenzy and I can’t stop looking at handcrafted pieces from this amazing Etsy store called “Noah Siannah Bead Mine”. There are several reasons why I simply adore stores like NoahSiannahBeadMine. The first is that they are 90% of the times a family business. In this case, store owners are a married couple Eric & Bridgitte, from Pennsylvania, USA. These stores belong to real people, who took a chance on their dreams and crafts and made it into a business that provides for their family, and for that they have my respect.

The second reason I love these stores is the fact that you can purchase a handmade jewellery that is truly unique in this world. I love going into their catalog and see the words “Only 1 available” on every product… It’s that feeling that you have something that no-one else has, that for me- is worth buying on Etsy and not on big chains.

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