20% Discount on Handmade Custom Marble Designs! (Limited time offer!)

Looking for unique marble items in an even more unique price?
Meet- Cem Tunc!

Cem is an Istanbul based artist and interior designer with one clear mission… To create the highest quality marble home accessories on Etsy!


In his Etsy boutique, TuncDesign, you’ll be able to find beautiful marble creations- with a story behind them!
Cem’s family has been mining marble for over 60 years… His amazing home accessories was his way of taking that to a whole new level!


His Etsy bio contains beautiful words of inspiration- from both Cem, and one of his favorite artists…

At my studio, my team and I try to reveal the hidden wonders of marble blocks. I invite you to discover my love and passion for Mother Nature’s masterpieces.
“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” – Michelangelo

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20% opening sale! Limited time offer!

Do you want a promo code for a major discount on Cem’s marble home accessories? No need!

In order to celebrate the opening of his first online shop- Cem is giving everyone an automatic discount of 20%! Just enter his store, pick a product you like, and 20% will automatically be removed from the asking price!

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