Dobby from Harry Potter Crochet Dolls. Yes, you read right.


One of the things I love most about Etsy, the online shopping mall for handmade goods, is to see just how creative people can be. I mean- when you hear “crochet”- don’t most of you just think about blankets and scarves?

Well, not Melinda Scott.

When Melinda thinks crochet- she thinks- what can I make from it that will be original? That will inspire people? Turning to some of her favorite movies, Harry Potter, Melinda found her inspiration!

In her shop on Etsy, Yarning4aHome, you’ll be able to fin unique and one of a kind Dobby dolls- from crochet!

Melinda’s crochet Dobby dolls are unique, and they come in a variety of colors- matching the houses of Hogwarts.
On top of her crochet Dobby from Harry Potter dolls, Melinda also makes sweet animal dolls from crochet!

Want to see more of Melinda’s crochet dolls?
Visit her Etsy shop Yarning4aHome today!

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