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I was introduced to the art of Tai Chi in the 7th grade. Twice a week, after school, a group of students would meet with our sensei, and practice what we used to call- the slowest martial art in the world. Based in martial arts, Tai Chi is many things, but they are all – good!. Years later I was recommended to start practicing Tai Chi by my doctor, to help treat my spinal injuries, as well as help calm down and get clearance- battling Fibromyalgia and PTSD.

Going back to practicing Tai Chi daily (even if it’s just for a few minutes) helped me feel strong again, as if i am getting a good stretch of the body, while strengthening my muscles and getting a good breathing rhythm.

Tai Chi Benefits :

Practicing Tai Chi daily has been known to:

  • Reduces stress.
    I don’t know if it’s the background music, the calming voice of the Youtube Tai Chi guide, or the movement itself- but something about Tai Chi just lets you relax, sink in yourself and find your center.
  • Improves mood.
    Moving, breathing, feeling calm- is the best start to feeling better about yourself and your day. I often do my Tai Chi practices when I am feeling sad or drained of energy.
  • Get a better night’s sleep.
    Feeling better, breathing better, having better blood-flow- all of those combine benefit your sleeping process.
  • Promotes weight loss.
    Tai Chi itself, unless you do it for hours, isn’t the most extensive workout… However, getting stronger muscles, learning how to stand in different difficult positions, and expanding your body movement range- go a long way into losing weight!
  • Improves cognition in older adults.
    Adults that are now learning Tai Chi are using their brains and their bodies in new ways. As the exercises are built in difficulty levels, you slowly learn to move differently and get better at moving and thinking about movement in general.
  • Reduces risk of falling in older adults. This is something I’ve heard about, but never thought was true- until the day I fell and broke my neck. ALMOST. I was back to practicing Tai Chi for about a month, when I got off the bed and twisted my ankle. For me, with all my injuries, a fall like that could mean being paralyzed again, and with me living alone and no one to find me if I fall – my whole life flashed before my eyes.

    Before I even realized I was breathing, standing in the most weird position, with my other leg stretched all the way back and knee bended almost to the ground. Took me a few seconds to realize – I fell off the bed- twisted in air- and landed in a Tai Chi pose.

  • Improves fibromyalgia symptoms. As FMS give you a whole wide range of weird and Fuc&ed up “symptoms” – having something that helps you sleep a bit better, makes your legs stronger, and your blood flow better- is priceless.

    It’s incredibly hard to start doing Tai Chi if you are currently suffering from a lot of symptoms and under a Fibro-Flare. However, once you find the good day to get started, and start with just few minutes at a time- you can reach incredible results.

  • And many more! Read more about Tai Chi Benefits on Healthline.

Tai Chi Youtube Tutorial For Beginners

When I re-discovered Tai Chi I was in a very bad medical condition, and didn’t want to rely on my memory. So, I searched Youtube for Tai Chi tutorial videos for beginners. I found a lot of different Tai Chi beginners tutorial videos, but none were what I was looking for.

Some Tai Chi tutorials were too long for me to even start. Others featured a “coach” that had a strong or loud voice… And then I found Leah Cohen!

An amazing Tai Chi online teacher- Leah Cohen- shared unique Tai Chi tutorial videos that are perfect for Tai Chi beginners. Her lessons are all very short, 5-10 minutes each, and the process of learning how to practice Tai Chi is divided into 7 modules. Each module shows more movements- based on movements learned in the previous ones. Short and effective 5-10 minute Tai Chi Youtube tutorials that you can use as you want. Personally? I did the first module, the most basic movement of Tai Chi everyday for 8 days. The 9th day I did modules 2+3 one after the other, and in the 10th day I did 4+5.

I still do some of my Tai Chi workouts with Leah in the background… Not cause I don’t remember… But for the fact that she is simply- a very calming human being.

Check out Leah Cohen’s 1st Tai Chi for beginners Youtube tutorial for yourself:

Please note : I am not a doctor, just a very sick 32 year old who found that Tai Chi helps her a lot, especially with dealing with muscle pain, spinal injury, Fibro and PTSD. If you are thinking of starting to practice Tai Chi and suffer from a medical condition – ask your doctor about adding Tai Chi benefits- and if it’s good for you. In any stage of practice- act responsibly ! If you’re feeling bad, weak, or not up to it- STOP! Heartfelt hugs for all of you FMS warriors and PTSD survivors !

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