Bath mat: Silica rubber bath mat

Silica rubber bath mat

 Bath mat what is, how do you use it? Overview of silicone floor mat for the bathroom: where to buy and at what price, brief description, advantages over textile options, product composition, and valuable properties of the primary material. How to take good care of your Silica rubber bath mat?

What is a Silica rubber bath mat?

The silicone rubber mat is an innovative bath accessory with high moisture absorption and antimicrobial properties. Such a product not only allows to make the shower more comfortable but also facilitates the care of the bathroom. Originally started producing silica clay mats in Japan for the domestic market, and then the technology appeared in China. Now production of such a product is also made in other countries. This article provides a detailed overview of the product with a description of the composition, valuable properties, and advantages of steppe over similar bathroom accessories. Care rules and reviews from genuine buyers are also recorded.

Price of diatomaceous earth carpet for bathroom

Rapid silica rubber bath mats that keep feet and floors clean and dry after a bath are available in a wide range on the market. Price cost depends on its area and thickness, the content of the primary material, and the presence of additional components in the composition and design.

You can buy this product on the online website. The information provided is provided for information purposes only. Here you can find out the exact characteristics of the diatomaceous earth bath mat, the product’s advantages, what it is made of, and how to take care of it correctly, as well as read some reviews from real customers.

What is a diatomaceous earth bath mat?

Bath mats are both furnishings and functional furnishings. In addition to having an external attraction, it must perform several special operations – to prevent the feet from getting into the cold floor and absorb moisture after water operations so that the surface of the floors prevents moisture from entering. However, this is only the mandatory minimum. Most rugs, for example, made of materials, rubber or cork, together with the activity described above, have significant disadvantages. For instance, they absorb only a little moisture, dry for a long time, become dirty quickly, and serve as a place to develop various dangerous microorganisms. In contrast to the usual bathing equipment, innovative silicone mattresses have appeared on the market, unique in composition, which is gaining popularity among more and more people every day.

Diatomaceous earth mat perfectly absorbs fluid from the surface of the feet and dries relatively quickly. Has a porous structure. It not only makes it possible to keep the floors dry and clean but also to prevent an increase in humidity in the room. In addition, the diatomaceous earth mat does not create an unpleasant odor due to water stagnation. Moisture disappears from the surface in the first few minutes, and the liquid that accumulates inside dries out within 15 minutes.

Brief characteristics of the diatomaceous earth bath mat:

  • Dimensions (change) … When ordering a large batch, the manufacturer offers to make rugs of a particular size at the customer’s request. At the same time, the most common shapes are rectangular 35×45 cm, 39×60 cm, 40×30 cm, and square 30×30 cm. The thickness of the product is 0, 9 cm, and the density of the material is 1.1 g per cm 3.
  • Weight … The mass of the silicone floor mat varies in size and ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 kg.
  • Design … The manufacturer offers many design options. Diatomaceous earth mud rugs are available in various solid colors or modern designs.
  • Shelf life … The service life is about 12 months, but the exercise shows that the mat can last much longer if used carefully.

Main advantages of quick-drying silicone rubber mat over textile accessories:

  • Extensive application … Firstly, a silicone floor mat is suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. We can also use the stone carpet in the hallway. This bath accessory is especially ideal for public swimming pools and baths, where there is always high humidity and there is an increased risk of forming various pathogens – fungi, viruses, and bacteria. It is nice to step on the silicone floor mat after a bath. It has the properties of a warm floor and does not cool the feet.
  • High strength and durable … Resistant to corrosion and most mechanical damage. Has a reasonably hard surface.
  • Versatility … The material from which the rug is made is entirely safe for humans. Does not cause allergies or irritation. The surface of the stone bath mat is matte but smooth so that it does not damage even the most sensitive skin. Suitable for both adults and children. There are no restrictions on applications.
  • Safety … Does not stimulate the development of pathogens. The material does not allow molds to adhere to the surface; therefore, it does not promote their reproduction. Also, according to customer reviews, diatomaceous earth mats avoid the formation of dust and focus. It does not slip. It provides easy use and saves you from awkward movements and the risk of injury. Does not conduct electricity. Prevents heat transfer.
  • Easy to clean … The stone mat does not need special cleaners, which significantly facilitates maintenance during use. Cleaning does not take long.
  • Usefulness in everyday life … Silica rubber mat helps to protect floors from excessive moisture. The use of wooden floors, laminate, and parquet is essential.

How is diatomaceous earth reduced?

The raw material for cooking bath mats made of stone is diatomaceous earth (other names: diatomaceous earth, diatomaceous earth, diatomaceous earth). It is a mineral, sedimentary rock, mainly formed from sea shells and freshwater crustaceans. This shell is composed of a hydrate of silica called opal. During an extended stay in nature, it transforms into chalcedony and quartz. The minimum composition is impurities of iron oxide, magnesium, and calcium.

The world reserves of diatomaceous earth are estimated at more than 1 billion tonnes. Deposits are located around the world. For example, about 350 million tons in Russia, 250 million tons in the United States, and 110 million tons in China. At the same time, World Minerals is a leader in developing this resource, producing products in the United States, China, Iceland, and Europe. In Russia, production volumes are gradually increasing.

The difficulty in extracting diatomaceous earth into various deposits lies where the rock lies – on land or at the bottom of the lagoon. And also means that the raw material has a heterogeneous composition and therefore provides additional processing from impure impurities. Precipitates of the diatomaceous earth content in 1 g of the raw material.

The unique properties of diatomaceous earth and stone bathroom rugs from it are justified by their natural properties and depend on the type of processing at the production stage. On land, rock is extracted from quarries in an open pit. The natural raw material is transported to factories, where it is thoroughly cleaned of impurities by further sorting. In the future, diatomaceous earth will undergo a burning process with sodium carbonate, which increases the integrity and unique surface of the material. These properties – high surface area and volume ratio – are based on the properties of diatomaceous earth as advanced Nanomaterials and ensure high-quality manufactured silicone floor mats.

Furthermore, industrial separators are used, which make it possible to break things down in detail. This process is critical because it allows you to divide the diatomaceous earth into grades with specified properties and specific particle sizes. Fine particles and larger ones are distinguished. In some cases, the industrial grinding of the diatomaceous world is carried out with special hammer mills. Properly processed rock acquires important properties: resistance to strong acids and high temperatures, inertia, fire resistance, thermal insulation, and adsorption.

Note! Ultrafine particles of diatomaceous earth make stone mats in the bathroom.

The price of diatomaceous earth mining depends on many variables. It can include the type and location of deposits, their proximity to the place of processing, the technology used for extraction and processing, the purity of the feed, tax legislation, the content fraction and the general quality of the type sold, and so on.

Silica rubber bath mat
Silica rubber bath mat

Composition of the quick-drying stone bath mat

This product is considered environmentally friendly because it contains no hazardous substances. Even dyes that create unique fashion patterns are ecologically friendly, even though they have high abrasion resistance. The diatomaceous earth mat contains no substances that affect microorganisms. The antibiotic effect is entirely provided by the main component – diatomaceous earth.

Let’s take a closer look at each part of the absorbent stone mat:

  • Diatomaceous earth … The material is natural and environmentally friendly. Non-radioactive, non-conductive, moisture resistant, and heat resistant. The raw material for producing stone bathroom carpets has a unique molecular structure: it consists of many pores in the nano-stage, determining its valuable properties. Diatomaceous earth prevents the growth of microorganisms, actively absorbs moisture, and deodorizes and cleanses the air.
  • Cement … A small amount of glue is added to the diatomaceous earth mat. It serves as a connector, enables the product to maintain its original shape, and provides tightness.
  • Cellular tissue … Comprehensive components. The stone bath mat is a moisturizing and draining element, stabilizes the composition, and promotes Drying.

How to use a diatomaceous earth rug correctly?

Using a diatomaceous earth rug is very simple. It is enough to put it under the bathroom, near the pool, and simply step on it after a shower. The product quickly absorbs moisture from the feet without leaking to the floor. After 1 minute, there is no trace of water left on the surface.

Properties of silicone bath mat care:

  • Daily Drying… After use, place the mat vertically to speed up drying. It will allow the water to evaporate faster, and the carpet will be completely dry. A stone mat can be placed near a ventilation hatch but should not place near an oven or heater.
  • Deep Drying… Drying is possible in the open air. According to reviews of the silicone rubber mat, exposure to sunlight is allowed, but not more than 60 minutes. Do not forget to ventilate the bathroom to keep the humidity at the best level.
  • Detergent use … Eliminate the use of detergents that contain surfactants. Avoid using abrasives. They can clog pores and degrade the performance of the stone mat.
  • Regular cleaning … It is easy to remove dust accumulated on the surface with a damp cloth or rinse it off with warm water. Running water also removes serious dirt that cannot wipe off. Do not immerse the diatomaceous earth mat in water for a long time.
  • Removes surface stains… If dirt is firmly on the surface, can use fine-grained sandpaper to remove it. It is noteworthy that water absorption can occur during heavy use, for example, in public baths. It is due to the accumulation of fat on the surface that has been applied to the stone mat from the human body. At home, this problem is infrequent. In this case, sandpaper will also help, which grinds the surface finely and removes all stubborn dirt. Do not be afraid that the appearance of bath accessories will suffer because their character is matte.

Precautions when using the diatomaceous earth mat:

  • Please do not use the mat on uneven surfaces, avoid excessive mechanical impact on its surface, do not allow complex foreign objects to fall under it, and do not place it on a heated floor as this could damage the mat.
  • Do not use the diatomaceous earth mat directly in the bath or shower.
  • If the floors are glossy, the stone rug can scratch it. To avoid this, place a piece of fabric under the carpet. It also prevents the bath accessories from slipping.
  • Protect the surface of the diatomaceous earth mat from ingesting food that may give off color. It will lead to stubborn stains.

And the essential thing in the operation of the rug is using swimwear for the primary purpose.

Actual reviews about diatomaceous earth bath mats

You can find a large selection of bathroom flooring products online. The most popular at the moment are cloth mats with a rubber bottom. However, diatomaceous earth products – stone bath mats – are becoming increasingly popular. They are more practical and not much more expensive. People readily share their influence on its use in various forums.

Some reviews of a fast water-absorbent silicone bathroom rug:

Albertini, 38

I work in a spa, and these rugs are in our showers and pools. The management bought it in large quantities at one time. These rugs are incredibly comfortable and practical. Our customers have no complaints that someone picked up the mushroom and no one got a simple irritation. However, there is no water on the floors. It absorbs a lot of liquid and dries quickly. In addition, the look is always fresh and beautiful. I also ordered one myself and used it with pleasure.

Victoria, 56

My daughter gave me a diaper blanket. She has been using it for several months. Yes, it’s hard, it’s hard to call it sensitive to touch, but it’s so lovely to step out of the bathroom on a hot, dry surface. At the same time, there is no more moisture in the bathroom. It will not be black between the tiles, as I used the tablecloth. The stone mat dries quickly. There is no need to turn it over and hang it on the battery for a few hours. And it looks very modern.

Dalia, 43

When I searched online for rugs for the bathroom and toilet, I immediately wanted to buy a set. Then I came across reviews of the silicone floor rug. That’s how I learned about new technologies. And I change my mind about buying ordinary rubber materials. In general, bathroom clothes are now also made of stone. I could not resist and ordered. The price is quite reasonable. The product itself is challenging but is absorbed incredibly fast. I feel that moisture is sucked from my feet and then disappears somewhere. It does not seep to the floor, and therefore there is no feeling of humidity in the room. The stoneware for the bathroom is not very cozy, and in appearance, I chose a fashionable pattern.


Innovative technology is evolving rapidly, giving humanity a wealth of new inventions. The silica rock, in addition to being used in metallurgy, agriculture, construction, geochemistry, animal husbandry, and plant breeding, as well as in water treatment plants, has also been used in the manufacture of household appliances, especially bath mats, which are becoming more and more daily. Famous for its functionality and high quality.


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