The Perfect Etsy Gifts For Travel Lovers

Gifts For Travel Lovers

The more you are surrounded by something in one place- the more likely you’d pay attention to it’s subject- elsewhere. When I joined Girls LOVE Travel group on FB (or: #GLT) of course I remembered all of my traveling, and started thinking about them all the time. But what I didn’t see coming is the fact that wherever I look now- my eyes get stuck on things that reminds me of my travels. Only this week I was cruising ETSY and my eyes wouldn’t stop looking at travel-related gifts… So I decided to make a list of the perfect gifts I think every travel-devoted girl would love to have! (Simply cause I would…). Here it is:

My Heart Belongs To The Mountains

Nothing beats travelling on a mountain, honestly, and this amazing needle-point of a mountain view that reminds you of your heart-beats simply caught my eye. This amazing handmade piece can be found at Thread The Wick Etsy store, comes in the size of 3.5″X5″ and is shipped worldwide from Ohio, US. Two things I loves the most of it are the wooden frame, and the fact that it is one of a kind. Amazing, right?

Gifts For Travel Lovers
Gifts For Travel Lovers

Made To Travel

One cool traveler made a Travel-Kit and is selling it on Etsy!! The kit comes fully equipped with the following: • Loksak Dry Bag Container – 100% Protection From Water/Humidity/Sand/Snow • (2) Sanitizing Wipes • (2) Pocket Dental Floss Packs • (2) Fabric Strip Adhesive Bandages • Medicated Lip Ointment • Ibuprofen Pain Reliever • Ear Plugs • Sleeping Mask • 30+ SPF Waterproof Sunscreen with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E – PABA Free & Oil Free • Natural Oil Shampoo – Color-Safe, Sulfate-Free, Paraben-Free • Instant Greens Drink Mix – Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Vegan, & Raw • Natural Energy Drink Mix- Sugar Free (Sweetened with Stevia), Preservative Free

• LED Portable Nightlight- Ultra Slim, Replaceable Long-Lasting 3V Battery

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