Sipping Hot Cocoa And Shopping On Etsy

Hot Cocoa

Hey ladies,
It’s a cold Saturday and I can’t think of anything better to do than to stay home, make a hot cup of cocoa and cruise through online shopping websites. My favourite being… ETSY! The one stop-shop for online UNIQUE handmade shopping!  I found 3 cool Etsy sellers for you today, so let’s get started!

Personal Hand-Stamped Jewellery

I have a bit of a things for couple’s stuff. Couple’s matching mugs, matching bed sheets, matching everything! I found this cool Etsy store selling personalised hand-stamped jewellery and metal accessories, and just fell in love with this amazing couple’s keychain! I mean- “I love you to pieces” that actually is pieces… How cool is that?!
The store, called Mother Daughter Jewel, is owned by Karen, that sends you her hand-stamped work all the way from Smyrna, TN, US.
What I liked the most about this seller, regardless of the affordable prices, is that you can add a gift card and a gift wrap to your order and ship the product directly to the person you want to spoil with an engraved jewel. So if your mother, daughter, father, sister or friend live far away- you can surprise them with a gift even if you can’t be with them at the moment!

Wear Your Girl Power!

Etsy store HARKandCo is selling amazing printed t-shirts, sweaters and even pillow casings… The seller, Henrique Kerch, is shipping his amazing printed fabrics from Chicago, IL, US, and you’d be surprised of just how many prints you could find in his store. Most of the printed shirts and sweaters come in 5 colours, and his prices are more retail than handmade (Good for us, no?).

My favourite item in Henrique’s store is this cool statement t-shirt- saying you decided TO GO FOR IT! if you like to purchase it simply click on the picture!

Hot Cocoa
Hot Cocoa

Let’s Set The Atmosphere…

Last but not least, I found this cool Etsy seller, Susanna Stackhouse, owner of Moss And Meadow Etsy store, making amazing house decor and kitchen appliances from various woods such as walnut and maple. Moss and Meadow is located in Seattle, WA, US, and if you are into wood home accessories- this is the store for you! I personally loved this set of 3 candle holders… Great for a gift to someone who liked handmade and special items, or even as a gift for yourself! Click on the image to see more from this seller:

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