Vintage Handmade Jewellery By Martina

Handmade Jewellery By Martina

Hey ladies, and welcome back to another crazy-for-Etsy-shopping blog post! This time I have something extra special for you. With most of my posts I like to display an Etsy store with several selected images form the store, 2-5 images that can give you the general vibe of the store. But today that is not the case. I have gone over 25 product pages of this vintage jewellery Etsy store and couldn’t find the best pictures to show you since… They were all perfect!!! Seriously, every item in this store is absolute perfection in my eyes, and if I had to buy just one item I would probably lose my mind!


Yup, that’s the name of this amazing Etsy store owned by Martina Willms. You will be able to find amazing vintage designed handmade items there… From pearl necklaces, to amazing vintage bands, from earrings to hair pieces, and the most unique pendant necklaces. Schmucktruhe Etsy store is perfect for goth lovers, travel ehnthusiastics and women who love pretty things in general! With no further blabbering I will leave you to this store’s beautiful pictures and designs! For more designs click on any of the images or HERE.

 Handmade Jewellery By Martina
Handmade Jewellery By Martina

Absolutely INLOVE!

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