Statement T-Shirts… For Babies!

Statement T-Shirts… For Babies

Well, not just for babies. These amazing statement t-shirts I found on Etsy are also for kids, teens and adults, and they are awesome! You can get these shirts if you live… Anywhere, since this Georgia seller brings you all the newest fashion and statement from the US to all over the world!

Happy Filled Life

Is the name of this Etsy store, owned by Kristy Simms, who designed these cool statements and prints them on cotton Jerseys. You can find amazing toddler jumpers and t-shirts with cool statements like “ChatterBox” or “Hello! Now we are friends”, and all with unique style, design and multipole colour selection. The reason why I like this store so much is actually… 2 reasons! One is that you can find cool prints that you normally don’t see in retail stores, thus wearing something that only you have and not some generic mass produced t-shirt. The second thing I like about Happy Filled Life is the price. Prices of the t-shirts and baby cloths are not all that expensive for handmade prints- just go to Kristy’s store and see for yourselves!

Here are some of the awesome designs you could find there:

Statement T-Shirts… For Babies
Statement T-Shirts… For Babies

So what are you waiting for? SHOP now for these awesome Ts!

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