Handmade Natural Soaps From Etsy

You might not know it but most of the soaps available for us in the market are not even soaps… They are mostly a mix of chemicals that were made together, and are not all that good for our skin. I went looking for some REAL soaps and found them on Etsy, with an Etsy store called: RAHSoap.

This store is actually a family business, where a man and his wife are hand-making all natural soaps and shipping them worldwide from the United States. The pretty part of the duo (the wife) learned to cold-process soap about 10 years ago from one of the owners of Brambleberry.com ! With her knowledge the couple was able to create their own soap collection combining natural ingredients known to be amazing for the body (Like olive oil, shea butter, etc.) and add some new and refreshing ingredients like pumpkin and lavender.

And this is what I love so much about Etsy- the ability to find amazing items with even more amazing background stories… Getting a unique product, that will be healthy for your skin, all while helping a family make an honest living!

I recommend that you check RAHSoap Etsy store and see for yourselves the amazing and affordable soaps you could purchase there, alongside other body products, like bath salts, toners, bug sprays and more. Here are my favourite items from their store:

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