Top 5 Wedding Invitation Tips

Wedding Invitation Tips

Looking at wedding invitations? Congratulations! Though, you are probably exhausted by now. Planning a wedding might seem like the best time of your life- for people who never had to go through that dreadful and tiring road that is wedding planing. Let us help you a bit with our Top 5 Wedding Invitation Tips!

Start with the colours

First thing you need to keep in mind when choosing your wedding invitations is the colours you want. Are you looking for something blue and grey or more yellow and red? Think about the colours that are you both, and if you are going to be adding a “Save-the-date” photo- think about colours that would go great with that photo of you two.

Think of a sentence or phrase that describes you

Every couple has that one song they adore, that one movie line they can’t stop repeating- or that one inside joke that everyone hates. When writing a wedding invitation you do need to keep things simple, however, get that one line in there, making this invitation truly your own!

Proof. Again and again.

Once you get these babies into print- there is no going back! Wherever you will be printing your wedding invitations ask to see them in print and hard copy, and at least one of them- before you get all the rest. Only when the invitation is in your hand can you proof it- don’t trust the PDF files.
Ask several friends or family members to have a look as well and make sure they are PERFECT!

Get a pro to address your invitations

Addressing your wedding invitations could be one huge nightmare. Don’t go through it alone. Everyone has that one friend with that really good and perfect handwriting…. Bribe them, offer them food and your eternal love and get them on board!

Wedding Invitation Tips
Wedding Invitation Tips

Find a one-stop-shop!

The best way to make sure the design you choose for the wedding invitations will look good after you print them is to have both of these actions done in the same place! If you don’t know anyone you can trust for this job let me refer you to Beth. Beth Spoon is the owner of Etsy store- Espalant Designs & Invitations, and she is a mastermind when it comes to unique handmade wedding invitations. When you order from Beth, you can choose from over 30 designs or custom order a new design and start with just paying for 1. Once your proof is perfect, you can discuss with Beth about the quantity you need and she will create a special Etsy listing for you! So let’s end this post with some of her designs…. Congratulations! Enjoy your big day!

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