Antique VS Fake. Can You Guess Which Is Fake?

Antique VS Fake

There is an endless amount of fakes and maybes online… People are selling one-of-a-kind vintage jewellery on Etsy while Ali express vendors sell wanna-be vintage necklaces and bracelets that are worth no more than half a dollar. Can you guess which one of these two necklaces is the real vintage and which one is the fake??

Let’s talk details…

One of these necklaces is from an Etsy store called “I Find You Seek Vintage”. The store owner collects vintage jewellery and beauty items and sells them world-wide from the USA. Prices may vary, though they are not that expensive for vintage jewellery. Most vintage collectors are over-pricing their items simply cause they have a physical store they need to pay rent for, and workers that need to get paycheck. Though, if you are dealing with an Etsy seller, no physical store involved, and you can pay the true price for the vintage piece…

The other necklace is a FAKE. It’s from an Ali Express vendor that probably ships from India and is sold for… Less than $1!! Though the appeal for the price might be enormous, you must remember– cheap jewellery have cheap quality… They will start wearing off soon and will look cheap. So it’s all a question of what look you are looking for.
So… Can you guess the VINTAGE from the FAKE?

Antique VS Fake
Antique VS Fake

If you guessed our owl necklace was real vintage… You are WRONG!!
Our little owl friend is nothing but a fake- as our golden sea-anchor is the real deal!! Click on the images and see the products in their stores!


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