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Beads & Gems for Jewelry Designers or a Jewelry DIY Project

Beads & Gems for Jewelry Designers or a Jewelry DIY Project

Most people find beads & gems for jewelry in their surroundings, or order some cheap plastic beads from China… However, if you deal with jewels professionally, or if you want to make a Jewelry DIY piece that will be unique, exclusive and sparkling- you need something else!

The place to find these gems and quality beads- is gemRange on Etsy.

The store opened in 2015 after it’s owner has been dealing with jewelry and gems for over 2 decades!

Gems never cease to surprise, and having a sort of personal connection with gemstones, it never felt that dealing in it was just a commercial activity. It has always been more of a satisfying experience to be surrounded with it, before it is a means to support me financially. (from the store’s about us section)

In gemRange you’ll be able to find real quality gems and beautiful unique beads, like moonstone beads, in portions fitting for any goal!
If you’re a professional jewelry maker, and you need a large number of gems- you can look at some of the “bulkier” options in gemRange and get quality gems and precious stones for a bundle price.

If you’re looking for the most high-end gems and precious stones- you’ll find them on gemRange in an affordable price, and with different shipping upgrades- to make sure your gems will reach you in one piece!

You could also have a look at some of the pairs of gem beads, or at the gorgeous precious bead strands featured in the store. 

My journey of dealing in gemstones over the internet is also not new, as it’s just a little younger than the total experience I carry in gem trade. I have always come across happy online customers from places all over the globe, who were confident in buying from me from the very early days of e-commerce; when buying gems over the internet from a cross-border supplier was a complicated and a risky proposition. But I could see it through, since doing things with perfection and honesty was always the only goal.

gemRange offers FREE USA shipping for any order above $100!
If you like what you’ve seen so far- go to gemRange’s Facebook page, like it- and always stay updated with new gems, products and offers!

Beads & Gems for Jewelry Designers or a Jewelry DIY Project
Beads & Gems for Jewelry Designers or a Jewelry DIY Project

See more at gemRange Etsy shop!

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