40% Limited Time Sale (March 3rd) on Vintage Clothing 70’s, 80’s, 90’s


If you’re looking for a nice piece of nostalgy- the best place to start would be with the last few decades of the previous millenium. The 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s had a unique style of their own, and although current clothing companies and big brands are trying to imitate these years in their new collections- they never get it quite right!

If you want the real deal- you need to go vintage, and better yet- search online!

A unique Etsy shop from Vilnius, Lithuania, is selling high quality mint condition vintage clothing from our favorite fashion decades! GOSH- I can smell the vinyl already !!

The shop is called mellinaVINTAGE, mostly cause the owner of the shop is named Mellina 🙂

NOW- it’s a special time of year That time where nothing happens No holidays to get you to want to shop No big events popping soon…

That time usually means that the smaller businesses will start having interesting deals to keep their businesses going… 10% here, 20% there… But not Mellina.

Mellina went all the way with 40% discount on all of her items- but only till March 3rd!!
On top of that- get 2 pieces or more- and your shipping is FREE!! Ain’t that something?

Visit mellinaVINTAGE Etsy shop today for more!

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