Place Your Bags In Shape

What is it in a bag that makes it more special and unique than other bags? Why made Louis Vuitton into the best selling bag in the world? What do their bags have that no other company offers?
It’s all in the shape.

Having a brand new bag could be an amazing experience for any fashionista or accessory enthusiastic. However, the way the bag will look on the shelf is not how it would look in real life. Do you remember the last time you’ve purchased a firm handbag? Once you took it home and filled it out with your personal stuff- you had to take out plastic pieces and other foam objects that basically created the shape of the bag. Now all you have is a pricy bag that looks weird once you place a bottle of water there or a stiff wallet.

With that dilemma in mind I went Etsy-hunting for the perfect solution and found an Etsy seller with the greatest idea ever- Base Shapers. Bag In Shape is the name of this Etsy store, owned by Diana Leandry from Puerto Rico. The store offers a variety of base shapers for different bag designs, sizes and that could easily fit your Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and other glamorous bag brands.

Reasons to purchase BagInShape base shapers:

* Extend the life of your hand bag. * Add beauty and value to your purse. * Keep clean and stain free the bottom. * Preserve its resale value.

* Prevents the saggy look.

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