Learning To Live (and travel) With Less!

If you’re looking to hit the road for a long time, or simply in need of living a more minimal lifestyle- OneOrTwoBags Etsy shop has got the perfect solution for you!

We all know that we don’t REALLY wear everything we own, and that some of us are not so good with “packing just the essentials”.
Now, smart packing, or a minimalistic lifestyle, doesn’t mean you have to look the same every single day. If you’re clever enough, or even better- creative enough, you’ll find that some items in combine with others can create a totally different look…. So it’s not about having more clothes- it’s about having more available clothing combinations!

If you want to keep stylish- try out OneOrTwoBags’s official Capsule Wardrobe Guide!

This new guide on Etsy is here to help you! And this is what you’ll get:

– A 63-page visual guide, including more than 320 outfits!

– 12 days, 1 carry-on visual guide! – Sample color palettes! – Tips for wearing your wardrobe in all seasons!

– Rules for finding and maintaining quality pieces!

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