Handmade Luxury Wedding Garters and Accessories

Handmade Luxury Wedding Garters and Accessories

If you’re looking for something extra special for your big day you might want to “swing by” Gibson Girl Garters Etsy store. This unique and cool store is dedicated to making your big day a tad more stylish with amazing handmade luxury wedding garters and accessories. My fav type of wedding accessories from Cheryl is her amazing collection of wedding hair accessories- making sure you’ll have a look that will not soon be forgotten:

All the way from Michigan, United States, store owner, Cheryl Dumlao sends her goods worldwide– so that any bride to be could enjoy them- no matter where she’s from on our planet 🙂 Cheryl loves and honors all forms of art: community theater, dance, music, and poetry and sewing. On top of being a small business owner herself, she is always open to trying new things from local and small vendors, thus endorsing the family businesses over the huge marts. And that’s what Etsy is all about!

Cheryl has over 300 items in her store- and also offers to customize items to your liking and sizes. Shortening just a few sales from reaching the 1K sales mark, Cheryl manages to obtain a 5 stars rating on the Etsy platform- and she’s one of the most trusted sellers you’ll ever see.

Cheryl leaves nothing to chance and instructs her buyers on how to shop for the right size… And here’s how you could be sure you’re getting the right size from Cheryl’s store:


You can measure the part of your leg where you want the garters to sit comfortably, typically, this is about 3-1/2″-4″ Above your Knee.

1. Take a measuring tape and wrap it around that part of your thigh where you want the garter band. The metal part of the tape should end at a Number. The tape should be snug, but not too tight.

2. Hold the ends of the Tape in place, using your thumb and index finger, and with your free hand, slip two fingers underneath the tape circumference. If it feels tight, loosen the tape a little and go up a 1/2 inch. This number will be your thigh size.

Handmade Luxury Wedding Garters and Accessories
Handmade Luxury Wedding Garters and Accessories

I especially loved the fact that you could get so many different styles at Cheryl’s store… You could get a brand new looking, cutting edge, millennial garter, or go for the 20’s style all at the same place. Make sure to stop by her store to see more items, as what I’ve shown you here is only a small piece of the puzzle!

Visit Cheryl’s Pinterest page or the store’s Facebook fan page for more
wedding and style inspiration!

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