California Style T-Shirts & Tank Tops for a Unique Look…

In today’s high text world- everything is so accessible and almost anyone can start making their own tshirt brand using production partners and basic graphic skills.. However, while some people share a simple design online, other designers show real talent in the graphic art and create items that are truly UNIQUE!
One of these extremely talented designers is Bozidar Karic (or: Boza), the owner of BKDesignStore Etsy shop.

In Boza’s store you’ll be able to find more than 400 tshirt designs- and probably find gifts for so many different people! For me? The programmer tshirt collection was the best, but if you’re into working out, surfing, Star-Wars… If you’re a dad, a mom, a nurse, a vegan or simply a Disney fan- Boza’s Etsy shop is the perfect place to find rare fashionable finds and get your wardrobe updated with your own personal statement!

In his shop, Boza talks about his experience in design (10 years and counting), and about how much he loves seeing people wearing his designs! With more than 200 sales and a 5 star rating- I think I can say for sure- that the people ALSO love wearing his designs!

Boza’s up-beat approach on life can be seen throughout his designs, and if you dig deep in his personal BIO you’d find some inspirational words from him, not just about fashion… But about life!

If you fail in something, that’s not the end of the story, it’s just one bad day, one bad chapter. You have the rest of your life to try over and over again, if you don’t try anymore…. that’s failure!

If you like Boza’s design style- get social with his shop and follow him and his tshirt designs on Instagram!

Visit BKDesignStore shop on Etsy for more!

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