Sweet Prints by Courtney- Baby Outfits, Grown-up tShirts, Totes & more!


Etsy is a double opportunity marketplace! The online website for handmade goods gives 2 people an opportunity at the same time: You get to have the world in your keyboard, get access to millions of different styles and designs, and find unique things!

While the seller you’ll be buying from gets the opportunity to support their family- while doing something they really love, and quite often- really good at!

One example for a store that shares unique designs to support a personal passion and a family- is OhJoyBegin!

OhJoyBegin is an Etsy boutique of a woman named Courtney!
Inspired by music, mostly Dave Matthews Band, Courtney is making beautiful clothing items for both babies and grown ups!

Courtney talks about her shop and shop-name on her Etsy page…

As a stay at home mom I was starting to feel a little complacent, I was feeling the need to find a creative outlet. Something I could call my own. So, I decided to take the plunge into opening shop!
I chose the shop name “Oh Joy Begin” because it has a very near and dear meaning to me. It is a lyric from one of my favorite DMB songs. I played the song for my daughter throughout my pregnancy. When my little girl was born I was very surprised to find that she absolutely recognized the song! She is now almost a year old and we still play it to soothe her-without fail!

Her baby collection is inspiring! Giving you the chance to add some style to your baby’s wardrobe, while shopping for the highest of clothing quality!
With music inspired jumpsuits and motivational and loving prints- you’re sure to find something in her shop- that will make your baby look even cuter!

Her grown up outfits are a work in progress, and although she has only 3 designs now- I advise Favoriting her Etsy shop- to get alerted once she updates more!

In Courtney’s music inspired shop you’ll also be able to find some sweet tote bags and make up pouches, as well as cool and funny vinyl stickers for your windows, mirrors and car!

If you like this style- get social with OhJoyBegin!
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One look in her Instagram confirmed what I had suspected…
Courtney really appreciate each order- and wraps her packages with the same sweet style she puts in her designs:

Visit OhJoyBegin Etsy shop for more!

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