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Rare Vinyl Records

Meet Evelina Staniec, the owner of Vinyl Shop US Etsy store- shipping you amazing music inspired wall art from Georgia, USA to anywhere else on our planet!

Vinyl Shop US are a large volume reseller of music on vinyl records, CDs, cassettes and vintage music items. Their Etsy store, opened just few months ago, has only a fraction of what they have to offer you. If you stop by their Over Discogs shop you’d be able to find over 80,000 items in inventory just waiting for the right person to get them.

But, going back to Etsy, this store is the place to go when looking for a nice house warming gift, or a present to a music lover (like me). And here are the different designs and ideas you’ll be able to find with this Etsy seller:

Bands, singers, tributes, cities, clocks and even romantic art- this store seems to pretty much have it all!

Make sure to stay in touch with this store’s updates as they are currently planning on opening a Vinyl Cafe in Suwanee GA area. Show them your support and help them with their goal of keeping vinyl alive!
You can find them on Facebook or Instagram as well as Etsy.

Rare Vinyl Records
Rare Vinyl Records

Good luck with your work, Evelina Staniec,
from an Israeli writer- currently in:

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