Comfortable & Stylish – Beautiful Fashion by YUGAclothes

If you’re looking for something extra stylish and extra comfortable to wear for yoga, hangouts, or simple daily lives- meet YUGAclothes!

YUGAclothes is a great Etsy shop that is all about being beautiful, mysterious, unique- and still feeling comfortable in your clothes. The fashion trend behind YUGAclothes and similar stores is the Bohemian style. Making us all appreciate the simpler fashion items we have.
Long lines in our clothing, smooth patterns and high quality fabrics- are the main issue here.. And you’ll only find the best of quality in YUGAclothes Etsy shop.

Owned by Yulia Demidova, this shop ships beautiful and unique yoga clothing worldwide- so any woman, or man, could wear the essence of beauty on them at all times!

If you like this bohemian yoga style and want some of Yulia’s items all to yourselves- visit YUGAclothes on Etsy to see over 70 different designs!

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