Disabled Navy Veteran Making Eco-Friendly Clothing

I have had a lot of posts about Etsy in the past 3 years. Almost all of them.
I love seeing how people create unique items, how they find ways to make our lives easier, healthier or even just happier! I love seeing how Etsy has given a chance for people to do what they love, or a second chance to people who needed to make money for their families.

With all that in mind, I often go searching for Etsy shops that have both- a good product and a person who deserves buying from… And I thing I found a great example of that rare combination- Mark Cardino.

Mark Cardino is a service connected disabled USA navy veteran, living in New York.
After serving his country, he now sees himself as serving the world- making eco-friendly clothing available worldwide. These are high quality everyday fashion items that have no ill effect over the environment, and a very good effect on anyone wearing them (cause on top of being eco-friendly, these clothing are simple and sweet!)

Eco-Friendly women fashion? Yes, Please!

His shop is called Stars & Stripes Clothing Co NY., and with the motto of “If you put others before yourself good things will happen” – you know customer service here will be amazing!

In his Etsy shop, Mark wrote a few things that moved me:

Trust me good things will happen to good people. Just like now I’m honored and privileged to be able to supply my amazing customers with STYLISH AFFORDABLE ECO-FRIENDLY CLOTHING. Not only are you helping out America with buying Made in USA products, you are also helping the environment we live in. By making a better world for our future generations.

Men and children are also welcomed to the Eco Friendly fashion party!

Liked what you’ve seen here? It’s not even close to half of it! This unique shop is filled with simple everyday clothing made in the best way for the environment

and with affordable prices!

More than 130 items are waiting for you at
Stars & Stripes Clothing Co NY.
So go check it out today!

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