This Shop Gives New Meaning To “Being in the Right Place”

The holiday season is fast approaching- and everyone is looking for the best most unique gifts to give the people they love… Gifts that show you thought about them, you know them… And maybe, just maybe, I found that for you !

A lovely Etsy shop by the name of IWasHerePrints is selling printable files relating to locations and places in the world. Taking the sentence “being in the right place at the right time” and making a whole story about it with personalized city maps and geo-location graphics!

Let me explain… Want to show your wife how much you thought of her this year ?

Find the exact coordinates for the place you first lived together, the first place you kissed, or even the home you’re living in today… Send these to IWasHerePrints owner, Polina, and vualá:

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