Art & Travel Photography Wall Art Prints By Alexx Thompson

Travel Photography Wall Art Prints By Alexx Thompson

It’s my Etsy-loving pleasure to introduce you ladies to Alexx Thompson. Alexx Thompson is the owner of “Alexx Thompson Imagery” Etsy store, in which he sells amazing prints of his years or amazing photography. Based in Los Angeles, CA, US, Alexx sends his prints worldwide, so that anyone could enjoy them.

As Alexx is a travel photographer, his Etsy store was established to share his still art with the crowds. His work features locations and subjects from all parts of the globe including some very close to his home as well as more remote regions. Hear what this artist has to say about how he discovered the artist within him:

I grew up in Southern California surrounded by painters and poets as well as skaters and people from all walks of life. At age 17 I began writing poetry and my pieces were published in several books.
When it came time to get a “real job” a friend got me into set painting for the movie industry. This job has been a constant “fall back” for me during tough times and it was my introduction to the power of Visual Arts.
During my time as a set painter I began to take an interest in photography. My father is a photographer and at first I basically picked up a camera and started shooting “anything and everything”. I got a lot of very positive feedback about my photography and especially my portraits and I was encouraged to pursue photography further.

In 2013 Alexx opened his Etsy store to offer prints of the images he had taken during his trips through Central and South America. His pictures are about love, hate, passion, clarity, and other emotions all captured in his photos of connection between others- fleeting moments that are caught on camera. It could be parents and their children, or maybe random people with their pets or just there in the environments… He photographed friends, lovers, and also made some time to spot the connection of one person with themselves.

If it was good enough for Grey’s Anatomy…

One of Alexx’s items in his Etsy store was actually taken by his father- David Thompson. David took this photo of Alexx and his brother when they were younger and it has been sold as a prop for one of the biggest and most successful TV shows of all times: Grey’s Anatomy. Watch “Kiss Kids” photo on the Set of ABC’S Greys Anatomy!
(season 9 episode. 14 “The Face of change”)

Travel Photography Wall Art Prints By Alexx Thompson
Travel Photography Wall Art Prints By Alexx Thompson

To see more of his work you can check out his website, Instagram, or Facebook page. There’s always something interesting to see there:)

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