Leather Wallets and Bags – The Perfect Gift For A Man Or A Woman

The Perfect Gift For A Man Or A Woman

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give a loved one, or even something new for you, Etsy is always a sure place to find amazing stuff. I came across a cool Etsy store today that I think would make an excellent store to shop for a gift for both men and women, with leather merchandise that give out a freaky vibe (for you punk lovers), this store is simply called: Family Skiners.

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FamilySkiners is owned by Roman and Elena, a couple from Moscow, Russia, and they ship their goods world wide, so no matter where you are you can order from their store. Amongst their items you’ll find skull backpacks, Steampunk jewelry items, Corporate Christmas gifts and more, all handmade with a lot of love and a lot of talent. Some items are existing in the store’s inventory but can also be changed to fit a special order, like a wallet made from brown leather but it could also be made for you from black leather if you see that the sellers made that possible inside the listing. So, no more talking– it’s picture time! Here’s what you can get from
Family Skiners’ Etsy store:

The Perfect Gift For A Man Or A Woman
The Perfect Gift For A Man Or A Woman

With over 280 sales and more than 120 great reviews- this store is an upcoming hit in the punk scene- so better get your order in and surprise those you love for the holidays, or for any other special occasion!

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