My 3 Products Of The Day!

Hey all and welcome to a new Etsy themed post! Today I found 3 really cool items on Etsy that I’d like to share with you, in hopes that you’d like them just as much as I did!

Round Table from Reclaimed Wood (US shipping only)

I found this cool table on an Etsy store called NorskValley. This table is one of a kind and it’s actually the reason why I like Etsy so much- it has so many unique items that once you get them you could rest assured you’re the only one who has them! The legs of the table are made of steel and the table is made from reclaimed hardwood and sealed with a natural oil sealer. The idea for this table, as well as other items in this store came to the store owner, Micah Lother when he took a trip to Norway, where he saw for the first time the beauty of Scandinavian life and design. Amazing, isn’t it?

Navy Sailor Anchor Charm Lace Choker (WorldWide shipping)

The second item I found today on Etsy was this cool lace choker by TheKeeCo. This cool choker reminded me of me, growing up in the 90’s when we defiantly had style! This store is a cool place to get some interesting items for your neckwear or hair, and you get free shipping for orders above $10 by entering the coupon code FREESHIP. What do you think?

Angels Wing Unicorn Pegasus Hair Stick (WorldWide shipping)

With love, all the way from Indonesia, you could find the most adorable Etsy store called Feathertribeme, with amazing Angel designed items, celebrating our angels’ ability to fly! This amazing item was my favourite as I am obsessed with hair sticks ever since I visited China 6 years ago. It is available in both black and white, and there are a lot more angel themed exciting items at the store… Just have a look at how special it is:

Which item was your favourite?

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