Add An Antique Feeling To Your House

Hey ladies,

As the last Home Improvement post got so much good feedback, I decided to make you girls another post about the cool ways you could upgrade your home and room… But this time- to give it more of a vintage feeling. That’s when I came across Adonai Hardware Etsy store. All of the items on this seller’s store are handmade to order and are shipped worldwide from Aligarh, India. (Thus making the prices affordable).

I absolutely love antique furnishings and decor. In fact, I have amassed quite the collection of antiques in my house. If I ever move out, I will definitely need to hire the services of a moving company as there is no way I would be able to transport all my antiques to a new home by myself. Although I have no plans to move just yet, when the time eventually comes for me to move out, I will be sure to do plenty of research to find a reputable moving company in my area.

Doors Made Vintage

If you want to upgrade the look and feel of your house- that could be expensive, especially when talking about a door. But you can give your door an instant vintage look by using the right door accessories! Before we ever used bells and alarms, or let’s face it- called each other and said “Hey, it’s me, open the door”, people were using door knocker in order to say that they have arrived. Adonai Hardware has got some fantastic door knockers, all handmade from solid brass. You can see the two door knockers that were my absolute favourites, one of a sea horse and one of a little fairy. Aren’t they amazing?

Hang Your Books In Style

If you are looking for a vintage home accessory to use in-doors, you might want to have a look at the variety of shelf holders that Adonai Hardware has in their store. You can combine the shelf holders with any shelf you see fit, even those simple shelves you bought from IKEA…

For Ladies Who Love Both Cats And Vintage

For you, my special ones, i have found this really cool hanger that combines two of the things I love most int he world- cats and vintage! This amazing hanger can be attached firmly into any wall and would make a great hanger for your coats, scarves or even your keys!

A Sign Of Improvement

There’s nothing like a good old fashion sign! One that welcomes your guests but is still decorative and looks vintage and classy! Adonai Hardware got a lot of welcome signs in their Etsy store- but I particularly liked this one, maybe I just like the colour… What do you think?

Another cool sign you can hang on your door, or even in you house, is a fish sign. I found this fish sign at Adonai Hardware Etsy store and fell in love! In the store itself you could also find other fish signs saying: Love, Faith or just one with a lovely cross.

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