Decorate Your Walls with Famous Brands, People & Places!

If you’re trying to decorate a new home and want to create a large effect on the room without changing the large items in it (like the sofa or main table)- try using big canvas prints with distinct color/statement.
Canvas prints that draw extra attention could be of celebrities, famous places or well-known lux brands. For these kind of prints- you Piqtura Etsy shop.

Piqtura is a great place to find unique and high quality printed canvases showing off brands like Prada or Gucci, celebrating remakes of famous works of art, showcasing worldwide photography and more.
Here are just some of the beautiful wall art printed canvases you could find on Piqtura:

With each canvas being printed on demands, most orders arrive within 7-10 business days from purchase. The canvases are printed in a special technique that makes sure the details will be noticeable, and the ink would be vibrant and full of life. This kind of technique makes sure you’d love the way the artwork looks- from any angle of the room.

All of the items on Piqtura Etsy store are exclusive to it, designed by the Piqtura Team and manufactured in their care!

Find out more about the beautiful canvas prints you could have to decorate your home-

on Piqtura Etsy shop!

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