Clay for Hair

Clay for Hair

Clay for hair, how do I use? The use of natural for treating and restoring scalp hair, valuable properties, varieties, and their effects, and recipes for clay masks. After decades of fashion, many commercial hair products are making a comeback as home remedies with natural ingredients. Clay is the most effective natural substance to eliminate many hair problems. The main points discussed in the article are how to choose the suitable and how to make a mask from it.

Types of hair color

Every day, every one’s hair is exposed to harmful effects. The Hair is damaged not only by cheap shampoos, various cosmetics, and coloring solutions that contain unnatural ingredients but also by tap water and sunlight.

The condition of the Hair and scalp also worsens significantly due to an unbalanced diet, which causes a lack of nutrients throughout the body. There are many problems: brittle Hair, hair loss, dandruff, and more.

A completely natural product – clay helps to solve hair problems. It is sold in pure form in powders, pastes, or as part of ready-made masks made according to various cosmetic recipes.

Clay mask recipes vary not only in nutrients but also in the types of clay used. Clay is easy to classify because of its color. It can be white, pink, red, yellow, green, blue, gray, or black. Each type has a unique composition of valuable substances, which determines one or another color and functional properties of this natural substance.

Let’s consider several types of clay:

  • White clay … This variety is rich in minerals, iron, calcium, phosphates, potassium, silicon, zinc, and magnesium. The content of all these substances allows white clay to take good care of the scalp and hair follicles. The versatility of white clay in hair care is that it can use for any hair type. Clay of white color also allows you to solve complex problems that arise with Hair and scalp cells. The substances contained in the white clay will enable you to remove flaking on the scalp (dandruff), absorb excess fat, strengthen hair roots, prevent hair loss, accelerate hair growth, and strengthen hair structure, thereby combating fragility and adding volume, adding gloss and shine in the Hair…
  • Pink clay … The beneficial properties of pink clay are iron, potassium, aluminum, calcium, zinc, magnesium, and silicon. The last ingredient is the key because, thanks to it, the effect of pink clay is considered the mildest of all types of clay. Unlike any other kind, this type has the most soothing effect on the scalp. The pink variety is rich in silicon, so masks made from it are famous for their excellent calming effect.
  • Blue clay … This variety is most popular among those who plan to keep their Hair thick and grow long hair. In addition, it cleans the scalp thoroughly. Blue clay is a kind of cocktail of nutrients to stimulate hair growth. Blue clay contains silicon, titanium anhydrite, calcium, aluminum, magnesium, and iron.
  • Green clay … The most effective Hair is green. It can solve several problems: increased greasy Hair, the presence of dandruff, and irritation of the root area of ​​the skin. In general, after applying solutions with green clay, the process of skin cell renewal is accelerated. The beneficial properties of green clay are due to silver, zinc, calcium, and magnesium in its mineral composition, which helps to establish local metabolism and strengthen the Hair.
  • Black clay … This type is enriched with calcium, magnesium, strontium, quartz, iron, nitrogen, and radium. It is of great value for hair, skin, and the whole organism. Despite the exhaustive list of beneficial substances, solutions with black clay are constantly enriched with additional nutrients, for example, sour cream, egg yolk, and mint. Add sour cream to the mask. You can use the black variety for dry Hair because this dairy product contributes to additional hydration.

How to use hair clay

To achieve the best results when using clay and not harm the Hair, it is necessary to prepare the solutions properly, follow the recommendations regarding the frequency and duration of their use, and some rules for the procedure.

General rules for using clay solution as a mixture for Hair:

  • To strengthen Hair, apply clay masks 2 to 3 times a month.
  • For recovery, increase the number of sessions to 7-8 times a month.
  • Use the warm liquid to make the solution. In cold water, it becomes more difficult to homogenize the resolution, and hot water leads to the loss of valuable properties.
  • First, dilute the clay powder until it is thick sour cream, then add the auxiliaries.
  • Use only ceramic, plastic, or glass utensils and a wooden spatula to mix all the ingredients in the hair mask.
  • Do not prepare the solution for future use; mix the ingredients just before use, as it is not recommended to store the prepared solution.
  • The exposure time of the clay mask is from 20 to 90 minutes.
  • To improve the strength of the beneficial effects of the components of the clay mask, wrap the treated part of the head with a bag, and wrap it up with a towel.
  • Clay can make your Hair stiffer, so after the clay mixture is thoroughly rinsed off, apply conditioner to your hair to soften it.
  • Additional ingredients to the clay mask are used: vitamins, egg yolk, honey, sour cream, apple cider vinegar, mint, vegetable oils (olive oil and burdock), lemon juice, and milk.
  • After exposure to the clay mask, it is not recommended to speed up hair drying with a hair dryer. It is better to dry your hair naturally.

There are almost no contraindications to using. Do not use clay if there is an individual intolerance to specific components.

Recipes for a clay hair mask

The clay can be used as a thick mask, a shampoo for shampoo, a rinse, or a styling agent.

Using green hair clay

Green Clay Mask Options:

  • Mask for Hair with high-fat content … Prepare a mixture of green clay and broth or water (50 ml). After obtaining a uniform consistency, apple cider vinegar (20 ml) and juniper oil are added. Soak the mask for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Anti-dandruff solution … Add egg yolk and apple cider vinegar (20 ml) to the green clay paste (60 ml). After applying the solution, massage gently to stimulate the absorption of nutrients into the skin. The exposure time is 25 minutes.

Using blue hair clay

Let’s describe ways to use the blue :

  • Hair mask to reduce oil … Make a mixture of 40 ml blue clay, water, 20 ml lemon juice, and 2 cloves of garlic, minced in a garlic press. The mask should be thick enough. Use it 1-2 times a week.
  • Solution for hair loss … Mix blue clay (30 ml), water, lemon juice (10 ml), honey (10 ml), egg yolk, and bergamot essential oil.
  • Blue clay to accelerate hair growth … Treat your Hair with a mask of 40 ml of blue clay, water, egg yolk, honey, and 20 ml of sea buckthorn oil. This mixture also helps to increase the volume of the Hair.
  • Cocktail to restore damaged Hair… To restore standard hair structure, use the following mixture every 7 days: 20-25 g of blue clay and caraway oil, egg yolk, 10 g of honey, and lemon juice.
  • Blue modeling clay … For a secure fit, apply blue modeling clay to your Hair. It will allow you to control curls easily while creating your hairstyle. The result is a soft hold while nourishing the Hair.

After applying black and blue clay, blonde Hair may gray out a bit. Use a tinted shampoo to restore a fresh color to your Hair.

White clay hair masks

Options for white clay masks for different hair types:

  • For dry hair… Make the following mask: prepare porridge from 1 pepper with a blender, add white clay (20 ml), and kefir (40 ml). Apply 1 to 2 times a week for 15 minutes.
  • To treat oily Hair… Mix a tablespoon of white clay with water. Add equal amounts of lemon juice, cream, and mayonnaise – 1 tsp each. Apply this mixture 1 or 2 times a week for 25 minutes.
  • For weak Hair… A two-month course of white clay masks with the addition of colorless henna will help restore soft Hair. The main ingredients of the show: clay (2, 5 tbsp. L.), water (5 tbsp. L.), henna (1 tbsp. L.), apple cider vinegar (1 tbsp. L.).

Black clay hair products

Options for preparing solutions for black clay hair:

  • Dry hair mixture … Components of the mix: black clay (60 g), heated milk (1 glass), honey (40-50 g), ground cinnamon (10 g), and 2-3 drops of A and E.
  • Shampoo solution … To wash the Hair, a liquid solution with black clay works well as it binds grease and dirt well. 60 ml of black clay is dissolved in 80 ml of water, mixed with 80 ml of apple cider vinegar. Use the resulting solution immediately with circular movements of your fingers, massage for 7-8 minutes, then rinse and treat your Hair with balm.

All clay tends to dry out the Hair. Therefore, add herbal or essential oils to the solution when applying it to dry, brittle hair.

Apply pink hair clay

Options for gentle pink clay masks:

  • Rejuvenating mask … Hair weakened by external factors and lacking nutrients can be quickly restored with pink clay. To do this, mix it with 40 ml of ground coffee, and add wine vinegar diluted with water (20 ml of vinegar and 40 ml of water). Finally, a tablespoon of sour cream is added. The preferred exposure time for this mask is 20-30 minutes.
  • Hair rinse … An effective way to relieve irritation is to rinse your curls in clay water. Dissolve a small amount of pink clay in 400 ml of warm water. Apply this liquid to the entire Hair and root area. If the solution cannot be washed off immediately, leave it on for 15-25 minutes.

Use pink clay masks before styling to make your hair more manageable.

Clay for Hair
Clay for Hair

Features of choosing the best hair clay

When one buys pure clay without impurities, one chooses the possibility of creating a unique recipe using an impressive selection of auxiliaries. The division of Hair determines the need for a subjective approach into types (oily, normal, dry, and mixed), the presence of all kinds of problems with the Hair, and the lack of substances necessary for the body in each case. Before buying clay, you should decide what kind of Hair you need.

Tips for choosing a clay grade for preparing hair solutions:

  • Choose green, white, and black clay for oily hair.
  • Black, white, and blue clay are suitable for standard hair types.
  • Use pink or gray clay for dry, brittle hair.
  • To normalize blood circulation and metabolism within the skin cells, use black or white clay masks.
  • Green and pink clay fight irritation in the root zone. The pink appearance has excellent antiseptic properties.
  • Green and gray clay have therapeutic properties.
  • Green, blue and white clay can help eliminate dandruff.
  • Blue clay solves the problem of the destruction of hair follicles and hair loss.
  • Thinning Hair, sensitive skin, and inflammatory processes in the root zone are problems that are solved with the help of a mask made of pink clay.


Using clay mixtures for your Hair at home without visiting a beauty salon will save money while giving your Hair a new, hassle-free life and dramatically improving your overall appearance.

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