Hollywood curls: How to make Hollywood curls?

Hollywood curls

Hollywood curls are a popular hairstyle, and Beautiful curls are the perfect addition to any look. Therefore, it is helpful for every girl to know how to make Hollywood curls at home. To always look stylish, elegant, and fashionable, it is not enough to choose a beautiful outfit that will emphasize the image because one should pay special attention to the hairstyle.

Hollywood curls are ideal for creating a romantic and delicate look. Today, such a hairstyle has many of the most diverse options for implementation. You can not only create magnificent and elegant flowing curls but also apply the effect of light chaos.

Among the advantages of Hollywood, curls are that this hairstyle is universal because it is perfect for any hair length. Most importantly, you need to acquire a few simple skills, and you will have a unique opportunity to create an elegant, feminine, and bright hairstyle yourself at home.

How to make beautiful Hollywood curls?

Each representative of the beautiful half of humanity wants to look stylish, elegant, and luxurious, and one of the main aspects of beauty is precisely the hairstyle. Creating voluminous and bright Hollywood curls on your own at home is possible.

To create such a hairstyle, spending a lot of time styling every morning or visiting expensive salons is unnecessary. To make this style, you can use various techniques and spin methods, thanks to which it is possible to get a sophisticated and feminine hairstyle.

Loose Hollywood curls

It is one of the simplest styling methods, thanks to which you can get a natural and natural hairstyle and do it quickly and easily at home.

So, first, you need to wash your hair and pat it lightly with a towel so that it is moist but not wet. Then a small amount of foam or light mousse is applied and spread evenly over the entire length of the strands. Avoid using too much styling product to prevent your hair from becoming greasy and dirty.

Next, gently scrunch your hair with your hands to create a slight mess. At the end of the styling, a hair dryer is used, which must have a special diffuser pad, as it will not be possible to achieve the desired result. After drying, it will create light Hollywood curls with the effect of being a little chaotic and neglected.

The diffuser is a special nozzle designed to dry curls after a perm. Its main advantage is that it has many “fingers,” and airflow passes through each. The result is the additional volume, but the curls do not fly in different directions, which are often obtained when using a hair dryer with a simple nozzle to dry the hair. Today, the diffuser is widely used to create Hollywood curls because such a style is not only beautiful, but it does not take much time to make it.

Iron for Hollywood curls

One of the most popular ways to create beautiful curls is to use a special curling iron. First, the hair must be washed well and slightly dried, so it is moist; then, it is divided into separate strands. The hair is then curled into thin flagella and dried with a hairdryer.

To get a more permanent effect, the hair is first dried with a hairdryer, then twisted with flagella, and iron is used. The styler works evenly on each strand from top to bottom; Simultaneously, you cannot dwell on any particular part. Otherwise, the curls will not be uniform.

Curling iron for large curls

The Cone Curling Iron is a handy tool for getting big Hollywood curls. You can use this type of style for both short and long hair.

The main feature of the conical curling iron is the presence of a long rounded nozzle, which does not have a clip at the end. To create beautiful curls with it, you need to wash and dry your hair with a hairdryer, then divide it into strands, but not too thick and not thin.

Each strand is smoothed evenly in the direction from the thickened part to the end of the curling iron. Do not overdo the strands in order not to burn the hair too much; 4-6 minutes is enough, but then can wind up the curling iron.

In the end, the strands are laid neatly with your fingers and fixed with varnish; you should not use too much of the product so as not to make the curls heavier. After styling, the rings cannot be combed. Otherwise, they will lose their attractive appearance. If there is an urgent need, you can use a comb with wide teeth only to add volume to the root (a light bouffant is done).

Hollywood curls for medium hair

In this case, we will use simple curls; this is one of the most influential and first ways to get beautiful rings. Thanks to the rapid development of modern technology, today, there is a relatively large number of different types of curls, which differ not only in attachment but also in size.

To create Hollywood curls, you can use trim, large, winding, complex, or semi-hard curlers, including soft curlers. Also, heat curlers are pretty famous, which will help you create big Hollywood curls quickly. To use this method to style medium-length hair, you must first wash your hair. Then the strands are dried with a towel until they are damp. To get a beautiful and high-quality style, the hair is divided into separate strands horizontally and vertically. Therefore, it will be possible to wind the hair with high quality throughout the thickness to give the curls more volume.

When the hair dries on curls, it may start to curl slightly. This effect can spoil the design, so applying a small amount of hairspray to the hair at the end is recommended. It is necessary to spread the fixative at a distance of 5-7 cm from the hair. It would help if you did not use too much varnish. As a result, beautiful curls will twist in a tug.

Suppose you want to create big Hollywood curls for long hair. In that case, it is recommended to choose curlers with a diameter of at least 4 cm. Flexible boomerang sticks help you get playful Hollywood curls.

Hollywood curls
Hollywood curls

Features of creating Hollywood curls with an iron

It is the iron that helps to create beautiful and elegant Hollywood curls. Even though this method is the most correct, it is pretty challenging to use it yourself at home, as it requires practice and skill. To get a beautiful style, you must follow strict recommendations:

  • First, you must wash your hair well, and then the hair is dried with a hair dryer.
  • We will use a hot iron during design; therefore, we must use a unique protective material on wet threads to prevent injury during heat treatment. These funds also make curls thicker, softer, and well-groomed, restoring their beauty without disturbing health.
  • Each strand is sprayed with varnish for the style to last as long as possible and for the beautiful curls not to dissolve after rain or strong wind. Still, it would help if you did not use too many fixing agents not to weigh down the hair. It is essential to wait until the varnish is completely dry. It is worth remembering that if misused, even an expensive and sophisticated hairspray will stick the hair together, making the hairstyle look untidy. If you do not allow the hair to dry well, when in contact with a hot iron, the varnish will glue the strands, and, as a result, curls will be obtained from the stone.
  • To get perfect Hollywood curls, you need to separate the strands carefully. First, the hair is divided into equal partings, after which one of the sections is divided into lower and upper (horizontally). Must fix the upper part, so it does not interfere during use. First, the lower part is laid, which splits into two roughly identical curls and twists. The upper part is screwed in the same way. Using this method, you can create volume at the top and bottom. It will produce quite a large number of curls, and the style will appear quite lush.
  • It would help if you curled the curls with an iron according to a simple arrangement. First, the strands are wound in style from top to bottom, but the iron should be in a horizontal position. Please do not hold the iron vertically, as it will not achieve the desired effect. If you use this method, you can avoid problems with the ends of the threads because they will not wrinkle. When curling the ends of your hair, make sure they point down. Then the strand is twisted to the roots, and then the iron moves down while you have to push the tongs apart a little. Remember that the slower the iron moves, the stronger the curl. However, to curl all curls, you must use the same speed, so they turn out to be uniform.

It is not enough to stick only to the technique of curling the strands to get beautiful Hollywood curls because, in this case, the size of the rings is also essential. The finished curls mustn’t be too large in diameter. For example, it is recommended to use a flat iron or a medium-length iron for medium-length hair.

It is best to use an iron with a large or medium curling iron for long curly hair. For very long hair, only the type of iron with a wide enough plate is suitable.

It is essential to follow the above tips, which professional stylists also use. Otherwise, you can get a light, almost invisible wave or a tiny lamb, but not beautiful Hollywood curls. To get perfect circles, like those of world-famous Hollywood stars, it is essential to use an iron that has the right thickness and matches the length of the hair.

As soon as the curling of the last curl is completed, the most critical moment in styling comes – you need to separate the curls with your fingers and make them smaller. And only after the hairstyle is fixed with varnish.

Creating beautiful Hollywood curls at home is easy; follow the tips above.


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