Room for a child: How to arrange a room for a child?

Room for a child

Room for a child; how I arrange? We decorate the nursery with our own hands! How to choose wallpaper, make a mobile for a newborn baby bed, adorn a room for a young princess or boy. How to arrange a room for a child? This question always arises for parents. The children’s room must meet all safety requirements and be beautiful and comfortable. You can decorate the nursery with your own hands. After pasting plain wallpaper:

  • Use drawings on them using the methods suggested below.
  • Attach the letters of the child’s name to colored walls.
  • Also, hang various accessories.

You can sew curtains here with your own hands, bedspreads, bed sheets, and much more for a children’s room for your beloved child.

Which wallpaper to choose a room for a child?

In order not to get confused by their variety, see what the main types of wallpaper are; these are:

  • Paper wallpaper;
  • Vinyl wallpaper;
  • Non-woven wallpaper;
  • Photo wallpaper;
  • Glass wallpaper;
  • Cork wallpaper;
  • I am floating wallpaper.

Let’s consider each variant in more detail:

  • Wallpaper made of paper is one of the cheapest. Positive qualities include the fact that they are made of natural material, “breath.” But if the child wants to show his creativity and paint them, removing such pictures will be almost impossible. Paper wallpaper is usually not washable, but there are some moisture-resistant types. To choose only these, look at the labels on the packaging. Wavy lines show this quality; the more there are, the more resistant this wallpaper is to getting wet.
  • Vinyl wallpaper consists of woven or paper; these materials are covered with vinyl. Such materials can hide uneven walls, are durable, resistant to light, and can wash them regularly.
  • Rubber wallpapers transport moisture even better; they breathe and can be painted. If you want to update your children’s room regularly, you can paint the wallpaper up to 10 times. The only negative is perhaps the high price.
  • The outstanding properties of gossip are fire protection, allergy, and toxicity. They are made from environmentally friendly materials: lime, sand, soda ash, and dolomite.
  • Murals can turn a children’s room into a fairy tale world, where exotic flowers and colorful castles will appear on the walls. If you want, you can turn a children’s room into a princess or prince’s room. If you buy a bed in the shape of a ship, paste the photo on which the underwater world is drawn. Murals in children’s rooms will help make their and parents’ dreams come true.
  • Cork wallpapers are also natural; they contribute to good sound insulation, so noisy neighbors do not disturb the child’s sleep. The walls decorated in this way are warming, environmentally friendly, pleasant to the touch, and very beautiful.
  • Floating wallpaper is considered one of the best for today’s nursery. You can easily wash children’s art from their surfaces and paint such walls multiple times in different colors. Only high costs can stop buyers.

As for the color of the wallpaper, an active child must choose cold tones in the room and warm tones in the quiet.

  • For a child from 0 to 2 years old, colorful and bright wallpapers will be suitable.
  • For children between the ages of 2 and 4, choose wallpaper with blue, yellow, and green colors, that is, warm colors.
  • It is better for a beloved child aged 4-6 years to divide a children’s room horizontally into two zones. The lower one will be designed for creativity (after all, children at this age love to draw), so the coating should be washable. The upper part of the room will be aesthetic; paste a photo, paper, or other wallpaper here.
  • For children 6-8 years old, psychologists advise using wallpapers without images so that the child can concentrate and perceive the amount of information. Striped walls are perfect.
  • Girls 9-11 years prefer the design of the housing in pink, and boys – in dark blue.

After choosing the wallpaper for the children’s room for girls or boys, see how you can decorate such a room.

How to decorate the walls in the nursery with your own hands

What items will decorate the room also depends on the child’s age. Although he is still tiny, these ideas will do.

Cut the clouds out of cardboard, and stick them on the wall. To make the crescent moon and stars, you will need:

  • Thick cardboard;
  • Glue gun;
  • Weave;
  • Thin threads or fishing line;
  • Acrylic paint;
  • Scissors

To make a month, you need to cut it out of cardboard. The second primary role will be circular. We glued them together using cardboard. Paint the toy with white acrylic paint; draw the eye with black eyelashes. Tape the tape here; hang the month on the wall.

If you want to attach stars to it, cut them out of white cardboard. Pass a thin fishing line through a needle with a comprehensive eye, pierce the top of the gear with a hand, and fix the fishing line for a month.

If you want a moon and soft fluffy clouds to cloud the children’s room under the ceiling, then take:

  • Light, dense material;
  • Thin silk threads;
  • Scissors;
  • Syntheticwinterizer;
  • Glass beads.

For each item, you need to cut out 2 parts. Sweep all the pairs directly onto the face using an overclock. If you don’t have one, you can sew the gaps onto the hands using a stitch over the edge.

First, leave small holes to fill the heavens with fluffy padded polyester, then sew them up.

Thread the thread through the needle, thread the first bead here, attach it to the line, and make a knot. Leave this part hanging, poke the cloud with a needle, attach the thread here, pick it up, connect it to the second cloud, and decorate this gap with another glass bead. Thus, collect the complete quantitative picture of the child.

If you hang such a toy over the child’s bed, it will be called a mobile phone. You can make it from various materials—used soft tissue for the data.

 You can also use felt or cotton canvas to embody the next idea. Here’s exactly what you need to do this:

  • Two rods;
  • Strong rope;
  • Scissors;
  • The cloth;
  • Filler.

Two rods need to be tied crosswise and connect these two parts tightly together in the middle. It is necessary to stop this structure with the help of ropes. To do this, tie them to all four ends of the cross, and pin them on top. But this must do at the end of the process, but for now, cut out wavy clouds and small circles from the material. 2 elements for each part must be sewn in pairs, filled with padded polyester, and sewn to each rope. Attach these threads to the crossbar as well; now, you can hang them on a hook attached to the ceiling.

A crib mobile can be made for newborns with pictures of various animals. Also, sew them from felt or other soft material, and attach them to the cross with strings.

If mom or grandma knows how to crochet, let them make fluffy lambs, stars who use this technique, make such a children’s carousel.

You can decorate a newborn’s room wall with clouds, moon, and stars. To do this, use a stencil. You will apply it to the standard wallpaper for the children’s room and paint it over it.

To paint the wallpaper in the nursery, choose a water-based paint that does not contain harmful additives to the child’s health.

We decorate the nursery with such wallpaper with the following materials:

  • Stencils;
  • White paint on water;
  • Waltz

If you want to decorate the wallpaper in the children’s room for girls with red circles, then take:

  • Round foam sponge;
  • Paint of a suitable color;
  • Tray

Pour the paint into the tray. Lower the lower part of the sponge here, wet it in this solution, and print the circles on the wall. If you don’t have a round sponge, cut a circle out of regular rectangular or thick foam.

You can sew pillows in the shape of a cloud and put them in the crib: Color the stools, the doors with animal figures, or funny sleepy faces.

How to arrange a nursery for a girl?

In such a room, the coloring and use of walls and doors will also be successful in every possible way but appropriate for the owner’s age.

Rhinestones that you stick on the wall in raindrops will be appropriate here; they can be cut from washable adhesive paper or light material, such as taffeta.

The young lady herself will be happy to help you decorate her room; she will play with these cartoons.

The girl will be happy to feel like a princess; to stick fairy tale figures or other decorative elements to this theme on the walls.

You can draw or make a canopy on the bed with your own hands.

To build one, you will need:

  • Semicircular canopy;
  • Self-tapping screws;
  • Dummies;
  • Light curtains;
  • Open braid.

Sew a loose braid along the top of the curtains and immediately make loops from it. You will place them on a semicircular canopy. Fasten it with dowels and self-tapping screws. But first, you need to ask the family’s father to make holes in the wall with a hole punch or a drill. If you don’t have a ready-made canopy, ask your husband to make one out of a metal pole or thick, strong wire.

You can make a round canopy using an embroidery hoop or hoop. Cut strips of taffeta, tie them all around the bottom and place them tightly together.

If you have a detachable round design, take the fabric, fold it on top, step back 7 cm from here, and make a line along the edge. Go back down 2 cm, and make another line parallel to the first. You now have a pull band where you insert the detachable ring. A beautiful roller coaster at the top of the canopy will be 7 cm high.

If you have a one-piece circle, sew a strip of fabric to the back of the material, so it is between the fabric and the fabric.

It is essential to consider all kinds of small things to make a beautiful design of a children’s room for a girl. If the room is pink, decorate the side of the bed with the same cloth. To do this, you need taffeta and scissors. Cut strips of light material, tie them to the crossbar of the bed, and lay them tightly together.

If the bed is not on the side of the wall, but the headboard is, then decorate two more sides similarly.

With the help of taffeta, an ordinary table will turn into a feature of the little princess’s furniture and help to transform even not new furniture for a child’s room for a girl.

Hang stylish pictures on the wall with your daughter to create the ones you need:

  • Photo frames;
  • Pink and black paper;
  • Scissors;
  • Template.

Cut princess figures from the girl’s favorite cartoons using the selected templates. Glue the cardboard from the frame to pink paper; on top of it – heroine cartoons on black paper. Reframe your work. For your convenience, fairy tale princess templates are included.

The following pieces will also decorate the girl’s room. You need to take:

  • A sheet of cardboard;
  • Styrofoam ceiling art lines;
  • White paint;
  • Glue;
  • Princess pattern;
  • Black paper;
  • Buttons.

Paint the cardboard with white paint, and wait for it to dry. Then glue a princess figurine in the middle and make her dress with buttons in a contrasting color. Frame the cardboard with a frame made of foam boards, and glue them, which also need to be painted in advance.

Such works develop imagination and will lead out of the situation if you need to figure out where to put the old buttons.

And for young children, you can take pictures from the same material on the relevant topic; it will be interesting to admire the animals and birds.

And for young children, you can take pictures from the same material on the relevant topic; it will be interesting to admire the animals and birds.

You can sew curtains with your hands; fabric flowers will be their decoration. To do this, you will need:

  • Floral pattern;
  • Pink material;
  • Stapler.

It is better to take a canvas for flowers that do not wrinkle. If you take silk, you must sweep the edges of each workpiece or work them over a burner flame.

If you took a dense material that will not crumble, then use the correct flower template; the one on the left is suitable for the material you work with an overcasting or burning flame.

Depending on the thickness of the material, cut 5-7 pieces for each flower. Finish the edges if necessary. Now stack the elements, and glue each flower in the middle. Directly you can attach fabric flowers to the curtains with staples or sew them on.

Nursery curtains with lambrequins are also a great design option for a girl’s room. You can make them yourself.

We decorate a nursery for a boy.

As mentioned above, it is good if the space for a young gentleman is created in blue or aqua green. But this applies to young children; teenagers can bring adaptations to the room’s decoration.

If parents and childlike orange, you can buy wallpaper of this color or choose one wall for this, color it. It is where you will attach the letters of the child’s name. If he is 4-11 years old, you can decorate them with pictures of Spider-Man, another boy’s favorite character.


  • Cardboard;
  • Paint;
  • Pencil;
  • Brushes;
  • A magazine with a picture of the child’s favorite heroes;
  • Double-sided tape;
  • Glue;
  • Scissors

Follow this plan:

  • Draw the letters of the boy’s name on the cardboard. If you want them to be voluminous, you’ll need to cut 2 sections for each. You will connect both parts of the letter using cardboard. It needs to be painted.
  • Attach the letter to the sheet of paper with the picture with the hero, circle, cut out, and glue this picture on one side of the letter. Arrange them like this, after which you can attach them to the wall with double-sided tape.
  • If this is not glass wallpaper, not a cork, and not painted walls, then it is better to attach a thread to each post and hang them with this simple device.
Room for a child
Room for a child

Suppose the boy is older, then instead of letters. In that case, you can decorate the room’s walls by hanging symbols of cars, markings of animals, or something that he is interested in here.

Paint the flower pots appropriately to show this is a boy’s room.

Dad can give the child the first skills in working with tools, and with him, decorate the wall in the room with inscriptions, letters, or numbers made of screws.

Arrange with your son figures of his favorite characters on the cabinet, which you have previously painted appropriately.

There will also be Superhero, Superman, Spider-Man, and Batman logos.

Can paint even the shades of the chandelier so that you can see how the decor of the children’s room for the boy is decorated.

The child will be happy if he starts sleeping on a typewriter bed, and his parents will decorate the chair, and walls, according to his taste.

If a child is interested in dinosaurs, is not afraid of these extinct animals, and then use their pictures in the interior of the children’s room.

If you want to create a room for a child with a mystical mountain landscape with your hands on the wall, then go for it. But first, take:

  • Brushes;
  • Foundation;
  • White paint, beige, and gray in several shades.

Prime the wall, and cover it with white paint. Could you wait until it is dry? At the top of the wall, paint the mountains in sharp and rounded shapes with light beige color.

Next is a layer of beige, after which light gray paint appears on the decorative scene.

So, using more dark tones, gradually go from the top of the wall to the bottom. Thus fill all the given space.

You can decorate a wall previously painted in a light tone with colored tape or electric blue tape.

Draw a design here, and then cover the lines with colored tape.

Of course, these are not all ideas regarding what a room for a child a boy and a girl should look like.


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