A New Wreath Store is in Town- Carrying an Easter Bunny Wreath!


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Whenever I look at handmade wreaths I have this repeat thought that- WOW, someone actually made these! Handmade wreaths, when made by a true artist, are one of the best ways to celebrate or commemorate an event in your life.

Big wreaths are used in memorials and celebrating events (like weddings or senior birthdays), while smaller wreaths are used to place a ‘note’ on your door- that tells the outside world that in this house you can feel the holiday cheer!

Traditional wreaths were made with leaves, than flowers, but different materials pop up now and then to celebrate certain occasions. You can think of them as welcome signs- telling people that they are invited to share the joy.

A new wreath store was recently opened on Etsy- and I see a great floral future for it!

The store is called WreathDesignsbySue, and it is owned by Susan Hunt.

I have always loved making things and take pride in what I can create. I love showing the beauty in different style of wreaths from Deco Mesh, Evergreen and Grapevine wreaths. Everyone has a unique style and I hope you delight in mine.

Susan writes in her store, after sharing some of her greatest designs with us!

The jewel of this season is Susan’s Easter Bunny Wreath– with an actual bunny on it! (I mean, not a live bunny, but a doll-bunny). And it’s simply amazing! The best thing to have on your door this Easter!

However, as much as this bunny wreath is simply adorable- Susan’s other floral wreaths are also party-stealers, and they will make any door proud!

To see more of Susan’s wreaths and to always have a floral vibe in your feed-
you can follow her on Instagram! And if you liked her wreaths-

go to her Etsy store and find out

how you could have them all to yourself!

Plus, she has a really cute cat:

Maya Mey Aroyo

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