You Will Not Believe What This Artist Can Do To Your Standard Greeting Cards…

Your Standard Greeting Cards

Greeting cards were always money makers, especially after Hallmark started selling them worldwide, with numerous of unique statements, phrases and greetings. However, in the past several years, the greeting cards industry is more focused on the print than with the actual greeting. Instead of displaying greeting cards with prints who match the occasion, today’s trend are unique greeting cards with prints that will be NEW to your eye once you get them. And that is exactly what Helen Windsor did.

Owner of Etsy store Healing Helen, Helen Windsor, is a true artist in her soul, and you can see it in her genius and unique work. Just see for yourselves:

Few things you need to know about Healing Helen Etsy store:

  • Most of the greeting cards offered in Helen’s store are 5″x7″, but she can also get them printed on a smaller notecard, sized: 4.25″ x 5.5″, for a lower price.
  • Same goes for all custom art/prints. They are made in their set sizes, but you can request completely different sizes when talking to Helen via her Etsy store.
  • All of Helen’s original art work will be shipped to you protected as possible. If you choose a to frame the greeting artwork you are recommended to cover it with glass to make sure the ink will not fade. Make sure to limit the artwork’s duration with direct sunlight. If you are ordering one of her custom creations it will be highly recommended to cover them with a UV coated glass.

If you are looking for this sort of artistic and unique service, but require a much larger amount than 1-3 greeting cards, you can address Helen for wholesale prices. Just imagine having something so unique given to your workers, classmates, or even to guests in your next event!

Your Standard Greeting Cards
Your Standard Greeting Cards

And that’s not all… Got a pet you want to have starring on your greeting card? Contact Helen via her Etsy store and send her several pictures of you pet… She will illustrate it for you and print it on a greeting card! Isn’t that amazing??

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