3 Artists From Minneapolis, Looking For Their Big Break

I am a fan of the arts, and I love every kind of art there is out there!
I am fascinated with jewelry making, I think hand stitching is awesome, and I love wood-work. However, if I had to place my finger on my favorite type of art it will definitely be “useful photography”.

An old term i have used in this magazine few years back… Useful photography is when you take interesting photos taken by awesome people- and place them on everyday items, such as: mugs, tshirts, iPhone covers or inside a simple frame. It’s the artist’s way to make sure their photos will be with you during the day!

Starting a new business…

Starting to sell your art could be a hard thing to do in today’s market. Even if you look at successful platforms like Etsy, the competition could be overwhelming. So, for today’s post I was looking for an interesting Etsy store, that’s relatively new, with now sales, that I think needs that push to break through the market!
I have high standards, and it took me few minutes to find a store I want to promote, but once I saw RadishCollective– my decision was final!

This Etsy store is super cute, with a small collection (new items I believe will be updated soon) of useful photography, made by 3 unique artists! exactly what I like!
Here are my favorite items from this store, if you like them and want to see more simply click HERE!

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