The Power Of A Photo (Christmas Gift Idea)

The Power Of A Photo

We all know that a photo is worth 1000 words. As matter of fact, sometimes it’s worth a lot more. Meet the power of a photo for a Christmas gift idea.

If you’re looking for a creative gift for this years Holiday season this post is for you!
You can have the most perfect photo in the world- but it doesn’t fully become a proper Christmas gift- until it’s framed!

SimplyCuteGifts is a super sweet Etsy store that will make your Christmas shopping this year so much easier! Owned by Monica Panciuc from Kentucky, This store has a variety of frames that could fit anyone! Boyfriend, girlfriend, Valentines day, Christmas, anniversaries, new baby, weddings, grandma gifts and more!

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The motto of the store is We don’t frame picturesWe frame memories and just by looking at all of their lovely frames- you can see that that’s indeed the case here. With almost 400 sales, Monica has maintained a 5 star review over her frames- and we are sure that if you find something you like in her store- the quality and service would be just as great!

The Power Of A Photo
The Power Of A Photo

Within all of this amazing work that Monica does- comes the best service of them all- the personalized work. You can sign each of these frames with your name, your baby’s name, your family name- and make this as personal and as custom as it could be for this Christmas! so go ahead, visit Monica’s store today- and get the perfect frame for your perfect memories!

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