Teen Room, Selection Rules

Teen Room

Teen room must meet all the needs of his age. First of all, be comfortable and active. Furniture for a teenage boy should ensure the best position of the spine in homework and promote the proper development of muscles in the neck, back and lower back. Adolescence is a serious milestone and tries to take into account the tastes and desires of young people when arranging a room.

Features and Requirements for a teen room

The teen’s room combines a bedroom, an office, an amateur club, an area of ​​interest, and a corner where you can be alone. The main features of a teenager’s room are:

  • Combine several areas at once;
  • Unusual design with its own “chip”;
  • Use of built-in and sturdy furniture to save space;
  • Good storage system for clothes, personal belongings, and books;
  • The presence of elements in the boy’s interests and design interests;
  • The ability to welcome guests.

Proper layout of the space will help to maintain free space and demarcate areas in the room. At this age, furniture is just a place to sleep, fold books, do homework, and relax with friends. The main requirement to observe is the choice of furniture in light colors; they should dissolve in space, and not overload with unnecessary dark spots.

Variety of Furniture for the Room

Teenage furniture for boys is now sold in most stores, but to choose you need to know what criteria to rely on to buy the most comfortable and interesting furniture for boys.

Sleeping Space

First of all, you need to think about buying a comfortable place to sleep: a bed, a sofa or a sofa. After all, it is very important to get enough sleep for the body during a period of active growth. When a child reaches the age of 17-18, his weight and height will correspond to the variables of adults, which means that the sleeping place should be spacious, not too high or low.

Pay special attention to the medium-density assistive mattress to develop and strengthen the spine properly. If the room is small, choose a sofa that is easy to fold and fold up. The material must be of high quality, from reputable manufacturers. Often these beds and sofas have a convenient storage box which is a great lifesaver.

Writing Desk

For homework and creativity, a teenager needs a practical table with good lighting that can be combined with a place to set up a computer or laptop. The main requirements when choosing a table are:


  • The right fit, in proportion to the height of the teenager. The light should fall from the right side and the back should not take an arched position;
  • Functionality – the ability to accommodate a large number of books, teaching aids, laptops, and laptop sets;
  • Table top size – there should be enough space for open textbooks and laptops;
  • Availability of storage space. It allows you to remove objects from your eyes, not clutter the space;
  • Environmentally friendly – in the manufacture of furniture it is desirable to use environmentally friendly materials, without the content of harmful, hazardous substances;
  • Style – thoughtful design will help from an early age to create a sense of style and develop tastes, he will be happy to invite friends to visit a beautiful room.

Work Chair

This furniture must be chosen very carefully for a teen room. It should be adjustable in height and fit right on the table. The main characteristics of the chair are:

  • Resilience to avoid accidents. Stable position, reliable materials, and fasteners ensure the safety of the teenager;
  • Seat height and depth are adjustable. The baby grows and the adjustment helps to save money in the future because you do not have to buy a new chair, you just need to fix it;
  • Style and simplicity – now fashionable minimalism and high technology will fit perfectly into the design and emphasize the independence of the teenager. These chairs are comfortable and ergonomic.


The armchair, as part of the seating area, should be as comfortable as possible. Such products are in completely different types and embodiments. Most popular:

  • Orthopedics – all the latest developments are in such chairs. The ergonomic backrest supports the back and adapts to the slightest movement. Adjustable headrest helps not to overload the cervical spine; the armrests take the load off the shoulders. The wheels in such models can be locked;
  • Frameless – are places of rest and relaxation. Nowadays there is a huge number of manufacturers, models, and variations of themed chairs, the main rule when choosing a model is to take into account the opinion of the child and check whether the quality of the product is at a high level. A chair in the form of a football or a version with the image of your favorite movie characters should appeal to a guy of temporary age.

Wardrobe and Shelves

The wardrobe should play a direct role – to accommodate a lot of children’s clothing, shoes, and personal belongings. It is easy to accustom a child to order, you need to choose a spacious wardrobe and show how to put things right in your personal space.

In the absence of a large room, versatile furniture comes to the rescue. Beds with hidden wardrobes, chest of drawers, and panels with built-in storage racks. A bright facade will cheer you up, even on a not-so-successful day, and mirrored doors visually enhance the room.

Bookshelves are essential furniture, especially for a child who loves reading and science. Shelves are made of various shapes and sizes, made of various materials in various colors, in harmony with the general decor of the room. Furniture should be chosen for a teenager’s room from the same order, combining style and texture. You can buy a ready-made modular structure according to the age of the teenager or according to your order, taking into account the parameters of the room.

Theme and Style for a teen room.

Each age is characterized by its characteristics:

  • 12-13 years old – during this time, boys’ personalization begins, and hobbies and favorite activities appear which they spend all their free time on. Parents can help develop a child’s talents by reflecting on his or her passion for interior design. Furniture for a teenager’s room is selected together and gives it the right to choose;
  • 14-15 years is the time of the appearance of idols, favorite artists and actors, active gatherings, and gatherings of companies. The boy will glue posters and posters on the walls and at night he wants to invite his friends and spend the evening with them. For a small room, if there is no room for a few chairs or armchairs, it is good to get a multicolored large pillow. This is an original and practical taste;
  • At the age of 16, a teenager becomes an already formed personality with his own clearly defined tastes and desires. He will be able to contribute independently to the design and help with the arrangement.

It’s hard to find a guy who would not have an interest at this age and it is on them that you can rely on when creating interiors. Hobbies can be anything: football, boxing, swimming, computer games. But in any case, there should be a place in the room for sports equipment: a simulator, punching bag, a sports corner, and weights. The teenager will be very proud and happy with such a room.

And of course, the style and the general atmosphere of the room are important for the boy’s teen room. The most popular development of interior design among teenagers:

  • American – has a lot in common with a classic style, suitable for large light rooms for both girls and boys, its features are: a combination of several areas in space at once, bulky large furniture, large free space that is not cluttered, materials stylized for high cost ;
  • Minimalism is especially good for children’s rooms, as it is much safer and easier to clean. Simple furniture of understandable shapes, a lot of free space, low interiors, and a lot of plain surfaces;
  • High technology – originated on the basis of minimalism, it is a saturated atmosphere of future technology, fashionable gadgets, and unusual solutions. It is characterized by: minimalism in a modern style, geometric shapes both in the furniture for a teenager and in the interior of the room, good lighting, the activity of every meter, and monochrome range: white, gray, black or blue, light blue, purple, use of modern technology. The use of shiny accents: chrome, silver, gold accessories, wood, metal, and plastic are chosen as materials;
  • The loft is a rebellious style, perfect for teenage boys. It combines non-uniform – rough textures and interesting stylish details, “old” things, and brand new.

The main thing is to keep an eye on everything during the registration, so as not to confuse the available space with unnecessary things.

Teen Room
Teen Room


Each meter of the room performs its function. It is necessary to pay close attention to the design of the entire room, from the floor to the ceiling and windows. If everything is clear with the furniture – they should be as spacious and comfortable as possible, when you decorate the  room itself, you need to follow some rules for the teen room:

  • The walls should be in accordance with the chosen style, the child will help to determine the color and pattern of the wallpaper. They often use wallpaper or wallpaper to paint;
  • Ceiling – the best option would be stretch ceilings of various textures or plasterboard. Extensive options with additional spot lighting look interesting;
  • The floor is completely subordinate to the style of the kindergarten because each style has its own clear requirements for the design of the floor. It can be parquet, laminated for American style, linoleum for attic, floor tiles, and carpets. The point is that the floor should not be cold, so it is worth insulating it or doing it initially with heating;
  • Lighting plays an important role for a growing child. In addition to windows with natural light, the room is supplemented with spotlights in different areas, sconces, and table lamps. This option is much better than the familiar single lamp for everyone in the center of the room.

What Colors Are Best

The most advantageous solution would be to decorate the room in calm, pastel colors: white, beige, and sand, gray, gold. Given such a background, it is possible to build absolutely any style and in the future remodel the room completely without gluing the wallpaper again. All furniture, curtains, and floors match well with such colors.

It is a good idea to decorate each area with a different color. For study and work:

  • Yellow;
  • Green;
  • Blue;

These tones help to concentrate and activate mental processes, but they should be used especially in this area and in small amounts. Sometimes even maps of the world or shelves of that color are enough.

Choose warm, neutral colors in low light. This makes the room visually brighter and more comfortable.

Teenagers try to choose tones that are calmer, and quieter. For them, bright accents in the form of a contrasting chair – bulbs or pillows are more important. For boys who are shy, get tired quickly, it can be orange, or red. They will give energy and vigor all day long. If a teenager lacks perseverance, and attention, he is too exciting, and then desirable shades are desirable: blue, blue, green.

Selection Rules for the teen room

When choosing furniture to create a nursery interior, you should rely on the following factors:

  • The age of your child;
  • Recordings from the room;
  • Necessary functionality required.

Once you have decided what furniture composition you finally need, you should find items that meet all the requirements and ideas:

  • Material is used as natural and safe as possible;
  • The size of the furniture for a teenage boy must match its parameters and the size of the nursery;
  • Furniture should be simple, comfortable, and without unnecessary elements and decorations;
  • Ecology is the main motto when filling a kindergarten;
  • Style and originality. Your teenager will be happy and proud to invite friends;
  • To match the headset to the selected style;
  • Lack of sharp corners, and outlets. Although the child has matured, he is still quick, sometimes uncomfortable, and loves loud games;
  • High-quality assembly, reliable fasteners;
  • Do not chase the brand and the high price tag, furniture design should be practical rather than too expensive.

Well, the main criterion is the opinion and desires of the child. He is a personality and it will be more interesting for him to learn, grow and grow in the interiors he likes.

Creating interiors and choosing furniture for the teen room is a rather difficult task, but with the right approach, it is quite feasible. To make the room as comfortable and convenient as possible, it is worth reviewing many examples of interiors, both for the girl in the picture and for the boys, and make your choice. The main thing is that the decorations reflect the interests and nature of the child, please, encourage new achievements, allow you to have a good rest and learn and promote proper all-round development.


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