Your Closet Is About To Get A UK Upgrade!

Your Closet Is About To Get A UK Upgrade!

Every woman knows that there are several items she must have in her closet: A beautiful maxi dress, a comfy mini dress, a unique tunic, a fun light party dress, WOW-factor pants, and an unforgettable jumpsuit. introducing the Your Closet Is About To Get A UK Upgrade!

Now, I wanted to recommend each and every one of these items to you, so I set out to Etsy, the handmade online market, to find these items with different sellers… But I honestly didn’t think that I’d find each and every one of these items- in the same store!

The name to remember is Markiiza

Markiiza is a beautiful Etsy boutique managed by Marina. They are located in the UK, in London, and they have only opened their Etsy store this year! As most Etsy stores don’t get to sell 40 items in their first year, we are now in September and Markiiza have already sold more than 70 items, and maintained a 5 star rating!

When you’ll see what they make you’ll understand why…

The store started like most stores on Etsy- from scraps. As Marina’s mom was heavy into fashion, Marina decided to play around with some of the fabrics that have been lying around the house. Her “play time” became a smashing hit with a great taste for style, and MARKIIZA was born. However, Marina wasn’t even into fashion in a professional way. Her main thing in life was her music and acting, and if you think you feel that glamour from her clothes- you are right! Years of being on stage have influenced Marina’s taste in fashion- and I love it!

I mean- who wouldn’t want to shop for stage-worthy clothes?

Shop for that STAR look

I can talk and talk about how amazing Marina is, from the moment she made clothes for herself till this day, when she makes clothes for others… But to be honest- you won’t understand what I’m talking about until you see her beautiful collection for yourself:

I simply adore this store’s Instagram account! I mean, so many good items, professional shots, and a whole lot of love!

I think that from everything I saw there I have my eyes set on this HOOD:

A post shared by MARKIIZA (@markiiza_fashion) on Mar 14, 2017 at 8:57am PDT

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Your Closet Is About To Get A UK Upgrade!
Your Closet Is About To Get A UK Upgrade!

Or better yet- go to Marina’s Etsy store and shop like a star!

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