How To Achieve The Perfect Tom Boy Look

How To Achieve The Perfect Tom Boy Look

So many guys that I have dated loved the same thing about me- my Tom Boy look side. I could fancy up, wear my best an tightest of dresses, wear heels, do my hair and apply makeup like a true Hollywood star- but most of them hated it. So here are several tips on how to be just that- a beautiful, sexy TomBoy look!

Wear comfortable shoes

They say that every big journey starts with one step… That step needs to be done while in very comfortable shoes. The TomBoy fashionista doesn’t care about brands, heels or anything else other than feeling comfortable. Plus- how can you be sporty and cheerful if you are in heels? Find the shoes that make you feel comfortable, sporty but still like a girl. Like the pink AllStars on the top of the post!

Lose the makeup

Yes, that’s what I said. Lose it! You don’t need it!
Now, if you have acne, or an un-even skin colour and you don’t feel comfortable leaving the house without makeup at all than try wearing one layer of foundation. But mascara, eyeliner, eye shadows, blush- they all got to go! You’d look your best with a minimal foundation and a bit of chopstick that would make sure your lips ain’t dry.

If you think you are up to leaving the house with no make up at all- read this post first, it would give you tips and advices on how to pull off a non-makeup day and still look amazing!

Dress up sexy, but comfy

For that exact goal the white-tops were invented! There is nothing sexier than a badass girl with a pair of jeans and a white top! I found this cool Etsy store, called RowdySports, that sells amazing tees and tops (and also caps) that are printed on with sport-related images and statements- perfect for TomBoy looks!

This store, located in Rocklin, CA, United States, is were I found the perfect white top for your first TomBoy look! With a sentence like “I Love Baseball” on your sheer-white top- you’d be the talk of the party! Click on the image to see more cool Tees and Tops for the perfect sport look:


Stock up on bracelets

Last touch for this TomBoy look is… A lot of bracelets, all together, like we did when we were younger and though it was cool! If you want to create that perfect look, but not look childish, you could find some cool bands on Ali Express that would be a one piece bracelet with the look of several.. Like this piece:

How To Achieve The Perfect Tom Boy Look
How To Achieve The Perfect Tom Boy Look

I don’t know what it is in Tom-Boy ladies that guys love… Maybe they feel comfortable around them, maybe they think that they are more real than Disney princesses, maybe they are just the girl next door kinda girls. What is for sure is- it’s a lot easier being a Tom Boy look! 


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