Let’s Talk About Jane & Her Mother’s Bunnies

Meet Jane, from London, the owner of Mama’s Bunnies Etsy store!

Jane has a unique talent in her family… A talent to make dolls feel close to our hearts- from the first minute we lay eyes on them. Her Etsy store is dedicated to that gift of moulding and stitching. The store’s doll collection includes both polymer clay dolls, and both rag dolls, and they are all- one of a kind!

As we are entering the holiday season- you’ll be able to find truly unique doll tree ornaments- that will give your tree that vintage and homey feeling that Christmas is all about.

One of the reasons I am such the advocate for Jane, and for all Etsy sellers for that matter, is that I believe that we should buy more from “the little guy”. Leave the big chains when we can, stop getting generic factory made gifts and decorative items, and start connecting with the world better by buying as a community- from real people, from small family businesses… Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

As Jane is new to Etsy- she is uploading new work from time to time. You can Favorite her store to stay updated, or follow her on social media: Instagram | Facebook.

Why Mama’s Bunnies?

In her Etsy store, Jane talks about the meaning of the name she chose for her business… And about who makes these bunnies and dolls she sell:

When my mother retired from her career as a dressmaker, she was able to throw herself wholeheartedly into doll-making. More specifically, she loved making bunnies; hence, Mama’s Bunnies! She’s attended quite a few doll-making master classes, learning the trade form the best of the best. She loves to gift the dolls to friends, much to the enjoyment of others. Every one of her dolls boasts a hidden heart, hand crafted with their own, unique character. You’ll be able to feel the love in every stitch! Even the doll’s clothes and cute accessories are handmade; my mother is a stubborn, skilled perfectionist, through and through.

My mother is a bona fide artist, and as many artists do, she has no head for the business side of things. I want her to create and maintain her artist’s spirit any way I can, and that’s why I’ve opened this Etsy shop! I decided to open up a store to help my mother share her passion with the world.

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