Knitting or Crochet Beginner DIY Project Kits

Knitting or Crochet Beginner DIY Project Kits

Who doesn’t love a little DIY project kits? Introducing the Knitting or Crochet Beginner DIY Project Kits.

Knitting or Crochet Beginner DIY Project Kits
Knitting or Crochet Beginner DIY Project Kits


Do it yourself projects have made people happier since the beginning of time! However, unless you’re going to open a craft shop and buying materials in bulks- you’re going to need a place to buy small portion materials from- that will suffice for a project or two. That place for knit-beginners is TheQuartzShip Etsy shop.


The shop is owned by Sara, who loves knitting! You can see that in her shops you’ll find two kinds of products- crochet/knitting beginner kits for 1 project, or a monthly subscription– shipping you a different surprise crochet DIY kit each month!


If you really love knitting and crocheting- follow Sara on her Instagram account- there are always great inspiring photos there for knitters and crocheters!

You could also like Sara’s shop-page on Facebook to always see new listings she uploads, and potential sales!

Go to TheQuartzShip Etsy shop for more!

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