One of a Kind Handmade Bags

If you know your accessories than you know that the most important one of all is the bag! The bag is who you are, where you go, what you need to hold. A woman’s bag says a lot about her personality and about the situation she is in- when looking at the bag’s design and size. Bags come in many shapes, sizes, brands a materials- but every woman knows that a one-of-a-kind bag is priceless!

Normally, rare items and one-of-a-kind bags can cost you hundreds of dollars, but I found the most amazing Etsy store, with handmade bags that will blow your mind- in decent prices. This store is called: Buckskin Pony Bags. Owned by Mary Larson from Minnesota, USA, this Etsy store is one eye candy you wouldn’t want to miss! Amongst the artist’s materials you’ll be able to find: waxed linen, leather, antique brass, blanket wool, waxed canvas, and many more items. The store ships to a selection of countries worldwide, with the full list of shipping available countries advertised in the Etsy platform.

You’ll be able to find handbags, clutches and totes, alongside shoulder bags and organizers, and every item is unique, made only one time, and is handmade with a lot of love! Here are my favourite items from this store:

If you look at the store you’ll see that almost every bag contains an inner organizer (made in the bag) that helps you organize your objects inside the bag… A separate organizer is also available and it’s actually pretty good:

So drop by Mary Larson’s Etsy store
and get yourself a one of a kind bag!

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