Custom Designed Items for Special Occasions

Getting married? Having a baby? Feeling the urge to surprise a loved one? For all of the above and more I have found one perfect Etsy store!

FoiledOnceAgainPrint” Is an Etsy store where you’ll find some cool and amazing gifts for your loved ones. This store is the pride and joy of Sara Hibbitt, a talented woman from California. Shipping her goods from the states (to the US and to Canada), Sara has developed a unique product: mugs.

Well, what’s so special about mug, you ask? The prints on them!
The best way to explain this is to show you the next mug…

Yup, that’s the cutest way to tell your beloved you guys are going to have a baby- a Pregnancy Announcement Mug! However, Sara wasn’t only thinking of a way for you to tell your loved one about your pregnancy, but you could also purchase Pregnancy Announcement Mugs from Sara- for your sister, brother and parents:

Sara also took into heart the most important women in your life… Your bridesmaids! And what would be more amazing than to be able to give them a special and unique mug with their name in a unique design!

So many more designs are waiting for you in Sara’s Etsy store, but that’s not all you will be able to see there! As this amazing designer is creating these cool mugs with unique prints, she is also selling prints to enrich your home with cool and meaningful wall art. I particularly liked her… ATTITUDE! And by that I mean- an amazing wall art print that states the word ATTITUDE…

This gold foil inspirational quote by Charles Swindoll is printed on a black matte linen paper, and could be sent directly to you, and make sure you will always take life on with the right… (Well, you can guess with what:)).

To end this post about this super awesome store I will finish with my fav photo from Sara’s store… Truly brilliant:

What more will you be able to find in Sara’s store? Real Foil Nursery Prints | Real Foil Quotes | Real Foil Prints Foil Wedding Prints | Real Foil Fun Prints | Frame and Matte included

13 X 19 Posters | Gold foil tote bags | Mugs | Tote Bags | Throw Pillows

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