Carly & Cass, The Mother-Daughter Crafting Team

Carly & Cass, The Mother-Daughter Crafting Team

OK, I need to share something with you that you might not all know… But I am considering opening my own Etsy store soon, and it’s sort of a joint effort with my mom, Ayala… And I was thinking… Is it weird to open an Etsy store Carly & Cass, the mother-daughter crafting team with my mom?
Well, NO!

Family is Everything

Etsy is probably my favorite website in the world (other than The Women Team LOL). I love to see all of these talented people from all over the world who have decided to stop everything they’re doing and just place their faith in their crafting skills and open a store!

While the majority of the stores are self owned, some of the stores started off as a play-thing and ended up being a family business as women combine their husbands and sisters in their Etsy store management. However, a mother and a daughter?

I had to check this out myself and see if it works.

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When 2 talented craft women live in the same house…

I was researching the whole mother-daughter option for me an my mom, when I came accross two awesome women from Fort Mill, SC. A mother and daughter duo, Carly & Cass, are creating some unique and special wooden signs and home decor items!
Their love can be seen through their Etsy store, and although they only opened their Etsy business last year- they already have over 330 sales! Amazing right?

With a 5 star rating you can tell that Carly & Cass have something good going on. Their store is a huge Etsy success story, and they also take the time to sell in actual craft fairs as well as online.
Just by looking at the store and the variety of items you can spot that there’s more than 1 mind that’s fully into making these items. You have wooden decorations and mugs, unique printed tshirts and wine glasses- and so much more.

Xmas VS Halloween- what’s your favorite holiday?

A post shared by Carly & Cass (@carlyandcass) on Aug 31, 2017 at 8:27am PDT

With the official scare-holiday right around the corner, the mother and daughter duo has placed some interesting seasonal items in their store, that is simply called: carlyandcass.
Here are my personal favorite Halloween treats from their store:

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If you prefer to shop outside of Etsy, the mother-daughter duo also have a website with more interesting items!! You can check out their full store HERE or take a short trip through their interesting blog!

My heart is feeling joy right now

Seeing how well these 2 women make it and how their unique connection shines through Etsy truly makes me hopeful that in one of these days I will write my own Etsy-success-post here with my mom… But until then- I will be at carlyandcass Etsy store- getting awesome things for my new flat!

Carly & Cass, The Mother-Daughter Crafting Team
Carly & Cass, The Mother-Daughter Crafting Team

Stop by their store for instant inspiration or follow them on social media:
Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

Last but not least, I’d like to thank these women for taking the time and making art on this important topic of breast cancer- bless you awesome women!

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